The Newhaven Project

By Alice Lunt


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I am an artist living here in Newhaven since 2012. I am doing an arts project about the town where we live and the question I am asking is where people used to play in Newhaven, when they were little, and the sorts of things they used to play.  I am looking for people to share their stories with me. The project was inspired by one man telling me how he used to go night-fishing in Newhaven, when he was about 8 years old in the 1950's/60's and how him and his friend would spend the night in the arches by the light-house. 

As a parent I am saddened that children are no longer a part of the landscape; that they no longer spend all day outside, coming home tired and dirty and smelling of the wind and the rain. I would love to hear your experiences, even if you grew up somewhere else, of the way you played and the way you still carry a memory of that place inside you. 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Alice Lunt

Key to location map at 08/06/2016: Click on the map to see a larger version. This map will be updated as we receive new locations.

1 West Beach (also known as the Sandy Beach)  2 East Side Beach

3 The Union (upper part)  4 The Union (lower part)

5 The stream next to The Drove  6 Bullens Bush (also spelt as Bollens Bush)

7 Fort Road Recreation Ground  8 The Highway

9 Fort Rise (for watching the ships in the harbour)  10 The clifftops

11 The Three Lakes (off-map, so approximate position)  12 The concrete structure in Hillcrest Road

13 The Brooks  14 Poverty Bottom (off-map, so approximate location)

15 Tidemills  16 Piddinghoe

17 The Grotto, also known as Nuns’ Walk  18 The Planney

19 The Old River  20 The Sand Pit (end of Hillcrest Road)

21 The Fireman's Pond (top of 2nd Avenue)  22 The Sand Pit (at The Union)

Please add your memories as a comment to this page! If you have photos, email them to us and we can add them for you.

We don't publish email personal addresses on the site but if anyone wishes to make direct contact with Alice, they can send an email to: info@ournewhaven.org.uk  and we will pass it on. Andy-Editor

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