Beached at Tidemills 1972


Photo:MV Walter Richter

MV Walter Richter

John Adair

Just seen the excellent stills on this site of the MV Walter Richter beached at Tidemills in February 1972. I've dug out my old home movie of the event and posted it on YouTube.

Although a sunny day, it was cold and windy and difficult to hold the camera steady. The camera was a cheap 8mm Russian Quartz, heavy and the cheapest cine camera on the market but it still used up all my savings and Christmas money.

You can see how even when stuck on the shingle, the waves were able to move the ship - she certainly took a pounding while she was there.


Apologies for the low quality but I haven't seen any other videos of it anywhere and thought others might like to see it. The sound effects have been added afterwards - I was going to add music (Stranger on the Shore!) - but hopefully they add to the impression of what it was like on the day.

This page was added by John Adair on 11/12/2014.
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Thanks for posting the video on Youtube, John, and for the link to it here. Brings back memories, I can remember looking at the sight from Tideway school.

By Andy Gilbert
On 14/12/2014

She sailed on becoming the 'Waterdale' (UK Flag) in 1972 then 'Sandy' (Antigua Flag) and laid up 2014 in the Caribbean.

By Ian Wallis
On 23/12/2014

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