Rose Walk 8 May 1995

By Beryl Trott

Does anyone remember this party?

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Beryl Trott

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Yes I remember it well. Pat Morgan & myself went door to door collecting for items to sell in a car boot to raise money. Everyone helped in some way or another in Rose Walk & Rose Walk Close. It was held outside of our house which used to be the old shop. It was a great day with games, beer on a barrel & a barbecue in the evening! Hope we get a chance to repeat it some time.

Thanks for your comments Jill - what was the name of the shop?   Jackie - Editor

By Jill Morris
On 29/07/2008

I used to go into a shop in late 50's on the way to school and think it might have been called 'Goachers' but not quite sure. I do know that they had a 1d , 2d and 3d drawer for sweets though! I would save up until I got 3d so I could buy a slab of Palm toffee! I lived in Brighton Road but also have fond memories of Rose Walk, Mr & Mrs. Dennis  and of Mrs Homewood (who always told us off for sitting on her wall) Mr & Mrs Bates ; PC Hook ( the local Policeman) ;  Mr & Mrs Willis at  and Mr & Mrs Noakes . We used to meet there as children before we went to play 'up the Union' or the sandpit in Brighton Road.

By Paul Blackman
On 26/08/2008

Re: the comment by Paul Blackman, mum actually told us off for sitting on the wall as well! I don't know what she thought as going to happen to it....

By Mel Blackwell (nee Homewood
On 05/10/2008

I can't believe you have shown up Mel. Although I don't think we knew each other. I remember your Mum calling for you to come in from playing.  I was around Rose Walk in the mid 50's to early 60's and used to have friends from Rose Walk - Glen Bates, Mick Noakes, Judy Dennis, Eve Wilde and Bob Willis to name a few. I think we used to deliberately sit on your Mum's wall,  but it was all in good fun and we were never abusive, we didn't dare !! Great memories and thanks for posting your comment. (If the wall is now gone maybe it did eventually fall over !!)

By Paul Blackman
On 25/10/2008

Hi Paul, the wall is still standing, but mum has now moved to a warden assisted flat which is much better for her. She will reach the ripe old age of 92 next week, but still goes to the town every day.

By Melanie Blackwell
On 07/11/2008

We bought the shop off the Webb family but unfortunately I do not know what it was called.

We have moved back to Rose Walk after living away for 7 years, sadly a lot of lovely people have disappeared from here during those seven years.

By jill Morris
On 04/01/2009

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