MOUNT ROAD - 1954 and 2008

View towards the harbour from Mount Road

By Laurie Stonehouse

The first photograph is of Mount Road taken in 1954. In the foreground is a notice advertising land for sale while a little further down the road is a Nissen Hut. This is a relic from the large number which were dotted all over The Mount in World War II and which made up the army camp. Is there anyone still resident in Newhaven today who actually lived in that particular Nissen hut I wonder, for many of them were occupied by civilians after the War.

Then further down Mount Road are the flat roofed houses which, as can be seen in the second picture, are still there today.

Looking towards the background you can see views of the snaking bends in the road to Seaford with one of the old No 12 Southdown Double Deck buses on its way to Newhaven and Brighton. And in the far distance are the fields adjacent to the Ouse Estuary, some of which in the far corner look as though they might be flooded.

If you study the photo closely you can see wires leading from the poles in Mount Road, not telephone wires, but overhead electricity supplies. Most, if not all the properties on The Mount got their electricity supplied that way in those days. Wonder if it is still the same pole in the second picture but now carrying telephone wires?

In the far distance on the right, it is just possible to make out the tall square tower which was the gasworks, and to the left of that is the cylindrical shape of what appears to be a gas holder.

The second photograph from 2008 is from the same location but the view of the Seaford Road and the River estuary has disappeared behind the development.

Photo:View from Mount Road in 1954 with Betty Lynch

View from Mount Road in 1954 with Betty Lynch

Kind permission of Ken Lynch

Photo:View from Mount Road in 2008 from roughly the same position.

View from Mount Road in 2008 from roughly the same position.

Laurie Stonehouse

This page was added by Laurie Stonehouse on 08/07/2008.
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Never lived in that one Laurie, but our family lived in one identical at No. 5 Seaview Road on the Mount. Next door at No. 4 was Chic Foster. At the time my father and Chic worked at the Carriage & Wagon repair yard behind the Marine workshops. Later my father became the Mate on the Tug Meeching and Chic became a steward on the Cross Channel Ferry Brighton. As you said a lot of people were housed in these huts whilst waiting for a council house, which we eventualy got in Northdown Rd.

Nice to see the Southdown bus approaching Denton Corner. Brings back fond memories. Thanks Laurie.

By Jim Still
On 11/07/2008

From 1959 to 1963 I used to catch that bus at 8am at Denton Corner to work in Seaford, I had a monthly season ticket so could use it evenings too. I used to sit upstairs to smoke a cigarette and loved it when the sea came over the bus along the Buckle road when the weather was rough. In the winter of 1963 it snowed so hard they stopped running the buses so I had to walk home from work all alone!

By Brenda Hall
On 10/08/2012

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