Near Newhaven

The top image taken around 1928 going into Denton. Is that the pub in the background? The pub was supposed to have been called 'The Kicking Donkey' at one time - does anybody know?

The second image taken in 1984 with the side the Flying Fish pub visable just around the bend to the right.  I wonder if the residents know their houses are built on the site of a former pond?!

Photo:Denton, 1928

Denton, 1928

Robert Robson Private Collection

Photo:Denton, 1984

Denton, 1984

Mrs Mary Morgan Private Collection

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I knew Martin and Sylvia Watts who had the Flying Fish years ago and they said there was no record of the "fish ever being called the Kicking Donkey.

By Reigna Mitchell
On 19/11/2007

My father Bob Holden always called the pub "The Kicking Donkey", wish that I had asked why now, he died in 1996,or as he would have wished it to be known,--- "No Longer Afloat".

By Colin Holden
On 18/01/2008

Tamplins records at ESRO record it as Flying Fish (former Kicking Donkey) dated 1920s

By Pete Mason
On 01/04/2008

I remember as a kid, I lived on Denton Rise which runs parallel with Denton Road.  My brother Adam and I have fond memories in the early 70's having to walk down Rectory Road and shout my dad home for his dinner whilst he was in the Flying Fish.
We also used to love playing in the flood water that always seemed to build up around the area of the Fish and the cemetary.

By Craig Mcintyre
On 31/07/2008

The Flying Fish was often referred to by me and my friends as The Kicking Donkey. We were fairly regular customers in the late 1950s. I always believed that name to be just a nickname.

By John Ashley
On 15/01/2010

I remember another occasional nickname that we used for The Flying Fish was "The Kipper". We were very imaginative as teenagers!

By John Ashley
On 23/02/2010

My Grandfather (1907-1975) told me that the Flying Fish was called the Kicking Donkey in the 19th Century, when his Grandfather (1829-1901) used to drink there. Again, this is only hearsay, I cannot say for sure.

By Michael Young
On 03/10/2010

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