South Road street party in August 1945

By John Hills

I remember when this picture was being taken, by the local Sussex Express & County Herald photographer, he tried every angle even standing on a chair, until finally a lady, who lived in one of the odd numbered houses, offered him a chance to take this picture from her first floor bedroom window which he duely did !

I am the little boy sucking his thumb, in the arms of Mary Collington towards the top left corner of the picture.

Are you old enough to remember how good the Fish & Chips were from Collingtons Fish Shop ?

Photo:South Road street party 1945

South Road street party 1945

Courtesy of Sussex Express

This page was added by John Hills on 23/07/2008.
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I can remember this too. I was seated out of camera shot when they took the picture. I was living at number 38 South Road at that time.

Collingtons had the best fish and chips for many years. And Jack Bundy was'nt too bad either!

I was born in number 31, which was owned by the Horsecrafts in those days. I can remember calling at your house John on the way back to school at lunchtime and watching the cricket as we had no tv at that time.

By William Still
On 24/07/2008

Yes William, Jack Bundy also cooked in the finest Egyptian corn oil and was given the  recipe for his fish batter by Charles Collington! so the fish & chips should have been as good!
Is that Ma Horscraft in the black dress and apron (centre left) holding the basin?  Also, 31 South Road must have been very close to where this picture was taken.

By John Hills
On 27/07/2008

Yes that is granny Winn Horscraft with a basin in her hand and my Uncle Horace standing to her left. I can also see my Grandfather Arthur Horscraft in the black blazer standing behind Mrs Petter who owned the cafe at the end of South Road and she also had the cafe on the west beach promenade. Also there is Ben Knight dressed up in his Indian chief outfit. I think the photo was taken from Percy Jenner's house at 27 South Road. I bet most of those people there were kitted out by my grandmother's drapery business that ran from 31 South Road (except for Ben Knights Indian outfit).

By Robert Horscraft
On 03/11/2008

By Robert Horscraft
On 07/11/2008

I've checked with my mum, and we agree that the lady on the far left in the dark coat, also holding a bowl, is probably my Nan Margaret Pollard. My mum Marge, her brother Fred, and sister Dot, are in this picture too, but we can't pick them out. Mum says she remembers this party, and she has a copy of this picture somewhere too. My Nan lived at #23 for many, many years.

By Brenda Robinson(Bulman)
On 02/02/2009

Strange how many comments my mum has got, recently, from people about this picture. It's been the subject of a lot of interest. She tells me she was originally looking for herself, sister Dot, and brother Fred as small children, but then realised the year. Consequently she has identified my Aunty Dot. She is the blonde in the chequered jacket third to the left of Mr Knight.

By Brenda Robinson
On 28/02/2009

Can anyone explain the driveway/entrance to what I remember as a shop called Mayhews newsagent? This driveway/entrance was not there in the 60s/70s.

By Mark Penfold
On 10/03/2010

Next by one to the left of Tiger is my husband Arthur Mitchell. He still talks about Tiger a lot

By Reigna Mitchell
On 24/07/2010

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