The Cornflakes (aka Health Risk) & Peter and the Test-Tube Babies

By Simon Hall

Anyone remember these two bands from around 1976 -77 that played around Newhaven, Peacehaven, London and Brighton?

Peter and his band went on to play around the world.  They still tour now see more information at www.testtubebabies.co.uk .

Simon Hall from the Cornflakes and Health Risk became a successful professional musician and singer who toured the country for many years (note the amazing afro!) Chris Marchant, Derek Greening, Peter Bywaters, Kim Burfield, Jane Kemp, Bob Cusworth and Simon Hall are all shown. Simon is still writing. The newspaper clip was taken from the Evening Argus.

Anyone else got any photos of Tideway Pupils between 1972 to 1977/79?

Photo:The Cornflakes, c1972

The Cornflakes, c1972

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'EX-TIDEWAY PUPILS AND THEIR BANDS FROM THE LATE 1970s' page

The Evening Argus, c1972-4

This page was added by Simon Hall on 11/09/2008.
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Did Vanessa Kemp have another name?

This can't be c1972-4 by the way. Peter and the Test Tube Babies formed in, I think, 1978.

By Richard Schofield
On 27/10/2008

I agree with Richard that the "TTB's" formed in the later 70's. Newhaven has other sons who went on to musical fame, Robin Scott and brother Julian formed "M" with hits both here and in the USA. The single "pop music" had worldwide fame and is much used as a "sound bite" to this day. Michael "Butch" Lynch, whose parents ran the Harbour Tavern was also much involved in the Newhaven, Seaford band scene. Butch, along with local musicians, Jack Ives, Chris Bray, Julian Scott and myself, formed the band "Parsley" (I don't count as local however, I'm Scottish). I believe Butch and the Scott brothers were Tideways students.

By Jim Gardiner (Falkirk)

By Jim Gardiner
On 23/11/2009

Hi just stumbled across this site and this page, nice to see it again, I lost this this clip and all the demo tapes done by health risk and cornflakes when I moved abroad, a shame as I would like to hear them again, and so would my son who is four years older than I was then. Just to clear up a few things, it was around 1998, I hit 50 next year, Im not sure why it says 1972, I think its just a mistake, however I am curious why someone asked if I had another name, It was always Vanessa Jane Kemp, and that didn't change until I got married when I was 29. I used the name Jane (my middle name at school perhaps thats what you mean) and went back to Vanessa when I left and I am still Vanessa today. regards Vanessa Kemp

By vanessa Kemp
On 06/07/2011

I see I made a mistake with dates too, I said 1998 instead of 1978, easily done when talking in decades !!!

By vanessa kemp
On 08/07/2011

Yeah I saw PTTB plenty of times in Brighton in the late 70's playing with bands like The Piranhas and The Vandels at the Alhambra on the Seafront. Didnt realize the M boys were from Newhaven though...shoobeedoobedoowop.

By Peter Howard
On 11/12/2011

Hi Jim, You may remember me, I used to clean and bottle up at the Tavern when you worked there. You also showed me how to play the drums. I remember going to London to record the album "Facets of the Diamond". Hope you're keeping well. Trevor Matthews

By Trevor Matthews
On 24/05/2013

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