c. 1966

Gill Duchossoy

left to right  back row Marianne Clark, Debra White, ???, Sheila Aldridge

middle row left to right:-  ??,  ??,  ??, Gill Precey, Linda Colwell, Gillian Murgatroyd, Marion Lower

front row left to right Lillian Baker ??, Tina Warren, Linda Noble

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'NEWHAVEN GIRLS BRIGADE' page
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Back row - Marianne Clark, Deborah White-Hunn, Sheila Aldridge,

Middle row - Lynne Mason, Lillian Baker, Beverley Dawkins, ???, Gillian Precey, Lindy Colwell, Gillian Murgatroyd, Marion Lower

Front row - ??? Tina Warren, Linda Noble.

I’ve got this photograph too. We won all of the Brighton District Trophies and competitions that year, I think it was 1964/65.

My mum Jean Clark was the captain of the 1st Newhaven Girls Brigade Company. At the time of writing (August 2021) she is living in Swindon, now 94 years old.

Marianne Hillier (nee Clark)

By Marianne Hillier
On 29/08/2021

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