By Jill Cobden

The first photograph is the Tea Ladies, Mrs Fairman, Mrs Commin, Mrs Milligan and Mrs Jill Cobden.

The second photo is a Fancy Dress competition held at East Side recreation ground.

What is the history of the contents of the first photo?

Just perusing it I noted the following items.

1.   The ex-army/navy Nissen Hut.

2.   The Anderson shelter probably used as a garden shed

3.    The chairs which appear to be "Stacking Chairs" possibly  from Eastside Mission.

4.    The "Match Lady" with boxes of Bryant & May Matchboxes attached all over her dress

5.   The seated lady dressed apparently like a Gipsy.

6.    On the table, a stone jar with a tap and the jar possibly has the name which looks like Whites. Did it contain R.Whites "Ginger Beer"?

7.    And Is that "The Engineer" pub to the right of the picture?


Photo: Illustrative image for the 'EAST SIDE FANCY DRESS AND TEA PARTY' page

From the private collection of Jill Cobden

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'EAST SIDE FANCY DRESS AND TEA PARTY' page

From the private collection of Jill Cobden

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Comments about this page

Although before my time, I do recognise the building and location of the first photo. It's the end-of-terrace house on the row of Eastbridge Road (no.1) and the army nissan hut is what used to be the changing rooms in East Side recreation ground. So it's taken from just inside the recreation ground looking back towards the back of Eastbridge Road.

By Pauline Ricketts (Hill)
On 15/10/2008

I have never seen this photo before, I am the young lad in the back row. The fairy with the basket is my niece Janice Gough, she became Janice Bell, and retired from the High Street Post Office this year,(2008). Bert Lillywhite one of the local coal merchants is standing on the far left and my sister June Gough can just be seen kneeling behind Janice.

By Colin Holden
On 07/11/2008

The girl on the right is my mum Sheila Bourne (Richards)

By John Richards
On 12/02/2009

I saw this photo on a leaflet at the doctors and at first I thought it was my nan Mrs Russell, then realised it is my great nan Mrs Fairman. I will send a copy to her daughter in Canada, my Great auntie Queenie married a Canadian soldier.

By Janice Fairman
On 14/04/2009

The lady with the glasses on I believe is Edie Feast.

By Valerie Smith
On 08/05/2009

The lady dressed as the gypsy is my nan, May Milligan, Peter Milligan is the man on the right.

By Nicola Hollingdale
On 17/10/2010

In the top picture the house on the right, 1, Eastbridge Road was the home of Mr and Mrs Coombs and Derek. We used to know the large central building as 'The Ice Cream Parlour', I have no idea why! In the second picture I believe the girl 2nd right is Gloria Naylor.

By Janet Finn (Purcell)
On 27/08/2012

I recognise the building in the background it was known as "Wallsies" and was used by the Vacco factory for storage and manufacture from the fifties until site development.




By Roland Hill
On 01/10/2021

As an apprentice carpenter I and Keith Godfrey the carpenter I worked with were sent to the Ice Cream factory to construct timber racking. We were told to arrive with our pyjamas under our overalls to keep warm, Keith put some screws into his mouth as he needed both hands free and the screws stuck to his mouth, he had to go out to thaw them free. Although it was freezing outside it was so cold in the factory that it felt warm when we came out. We did get some Ice Cream though as a bonus.

By Terry Howard
On 04/10/2021

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