WHITE HART - 1900 - 2008

High Street

I can recall being booked to play the organ there on a Friday night many years ago. I turned up to find just about the smallest organ I've ever had to play, with just three sounds! By Andy Gilbert

Photo:White Hart / High Street - c1900

White Hart / High Street - c1900


Photo:The High Street & White Hart Hotel, c1980s

The High Street & White Hart Hotel, c1980s

Mrs Mary Morgan Private Collection

Photo:White Hart 2007

White Hart 2007

Sylvia Woolford

Photo:The White Hart in Newhaven High Street 2008

The White Hart in Newhaven High Street 2008

Andy Gilbert

Photo:And in November 2007

And in November 2007

Sylvia Woolford

Photo:The wooden interior...

The wooden interior...

Business Project June 2008

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Note the iron railings this side of the White Hart in the first photo. These were along the boundary of the garden at the front of the house which was occupied at that time by a Towner family who owned one of the Breweries. The Structure of the White Hart was cut back at a later date in order to widen the High Street and at the same time the house lost its front garden so that the fronts of the two building are now virtually in line as can be seen in the last photograph. The original doorway of the house can still be seen in the front of the tile-hung building.

By Richard Beckett
On 09/04/2008

Now that looks a lot tidier....does the Bridge still have the circular pool table?

By Rob Patten
On 03/05/2008

The R H Spinks (owner of the White Hart Hotel on the photos) was my Grandmother Ellen Louisa Townsend (nee Spinks') brother!

Have you any memories from your Grandmother that you would like to share about the White Hart? Jackie - Editor

By Sandra Cornford
On 01/09/2008

Does anyone have any pictures of any of the pubs before the 90s? It would be interesting to see what they looked like before I started drinking in them! What about the Newfield, anyone remember that as it has now been converted into flats.

By Guy S
On 21/09/2008

The Newfield is now flats? What is the world coming too? Next thing you know they'll be letting kids under 14 in, and banning smoking.....Oops, am I giving away my age??? Somethings should be sacred. How can you do a good pub crawl these days?

By Brenda Robinson(nee Bulman)
On 20/10/2008

My father Arthur Longly painted one of the hanging signs for the White Hart. This would have been during the days when the road was open to traffic. I don't think it was any of the ones shown in these photos as I seem to recall it being a very realistic depiction of the animal.

By Derek Longly
On 23/06/2011

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