Climb aboard little orange

By Laurie Stonehouse

These photographs were taken on the 11th October 2008.  I'm not sure why the little orange boat was winched aboard.  I can only guess that it was some kind of training exercise.



Laurie Stonehouse

Photo:Who's this ?

Who's this ?

Laurie Stonehouse

Photo:Slow down! 5 knots only

Slow down! 5 knots only

Laurie Stonehouse

Photo:Ok can i climb aboard?

Ok can i climb aboard?

Laurie Stonehouse

Photo:Hold on to the ropes

Hold on to the ropes

Laurie Stonehouse

Photo:Are you ready

Are you ready

Laurie Stonehouse

Photo:Don't let go

Don't let go

Laurie Stonehouse

Photo:Nearly there

Nearly there

Laurie Stonehouse

Photo:That was hard work

That was hard work

Laurie Stonehouse

Photo:Don't even think about it,you're needed here

Don't even think about it,you're needed here

Laurie Stonehouse

This page was added by Laurie Stonehouse on 12/10/2008.
Comments about this page

I like the humour Laurie, but I don't think the davit would take the bigger (orange) boat.  I think they were carrying out a test on 'launch and recovery' on this small (Orange) RIB inflatable for safety drill purposes etc. More curious on the present ferries is the other form of liferaft/safety system, which is indicated by the line aft of main carried lifeboat, running down hull side in a rectangular fashion just below white canopy stowage, it would be interesting to see this deployed (but not for emergency reasons!).

By Chris young
On 10/05/2009

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