Maintenance time

By Richard Beckett

This was the "Loco Shed" situated between Newhaven Town Station  and the Marine Workshops (the large building on the quayside where ships engines were overhauled & repaired). The Loco Shed was where the locos were cleaned & replenished with Coal & Water and they could also be positioned on the turntable for turning so that they would be facing the right way round for hauling the trains.

Photo:Newhaven Loco Shed

Newhaven Loco Shed


This page was added by Richard Beckett on 03/11/2008.
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I can remember going in these sheds with my dad and his sister's boyfriend. I could only have been about 5 or 6 at the time. So this would have been the early fifties. Her boyfriend was a driver I seem to remember, shame I can't think of his name.

By Terry Howard
On 01/02/2014

Something that's always puzzled me about these buildings. With all the substantial brick structures on the railway and quayside why were these locomotive sheds built of what appears to be asbestos sheeting and corrugated metal. Were they intended as temporary buildings or replacements for other previous structures ?

By Rob Patten
On 04/08/2018

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