Lisieux entering the harbour

By A.J.Lander

Photo:Photographs taken by Don Lander

Photographs taken by Don Lander

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'FORT TIDAL MOAT' page
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It would be nice to try and get a bit more info when we see super photos like these.

Looking for a date first, I see a Ford Anglia in the second photo, which makes it after September 30th 1959. The rest of the cars suggest late 50's or early 60's - no Minis, but a big Wolseley?, some Vauxhalls and a moggie traveller. The gap in the East Pier hasn't been rebuilt yet and I'm pretty sure I can see the funnell of the dredger Foremost Prince astern of the steamer berthed at the corner of the Railway Quay. She was still here until the mid 1960's, but there's no sign of any construction work going on at the soon-to-be car ferry ramp.

So I make this between October 1959 and mid 1963. Anyone able to narrow it down even closer?


By Andy Gilbert
On 14/12/2008

Disappearing Newhaven. In picture 1, the moat is still there with water in it. The East pier Lighthouse hasn't been "blown up", and the signal post with the Railway type signal is still alongside the lighthouse, as is the mast with the black balls to indicate the depth of water. Along the east pier you can still see the temporary bridge crossing the gap made in WW2 to prevent an enemy landing.
Go down to Picture 2 and you can see the old harbour buildings just in front of the ships bow with in the distance the tall sheerlegs at the marine workshops and nearer the camera the railway lines not only run around sleepers hole but along the river bank as well. AND in both pictures, lots of cars and also onlookers along the riverside.

On 14/12/2008

Very interesting photos of a byegone era, these shots only highlight the dramatic increase in the tonnage of the present Ro/Ro ferries, against that of the mail steamers of the 1950's /1960's.

Although possibly not fully appreciated at the time, these old mail steamers are now held with great affection, and as with most things in life you don't really appreciate them till they are no longer there!

The second photo is an interesting shot looking north with the old boathouse which I think HMS Sussex, the Newhaven unit of the RNR/RNVR, used for their 'Three in One Whaler' lay up. This being slightly north of the site of the 2nd Yacht Club with both its Yacht Club members bar and saloon bar facilities open to public etc., which again is sadly no longer available.

By Chris Young
On 26/12/2008

The photographs were certainly taken after 1960. The old watch house was still in being and the passenger terminal had not yet been built. The railway lines to the breakwater were still there (These were removed before the marina was built in 1962) and yes the boathouse was for the RNVR.

Regarding the black balls these were the entry signals for the harbour. When the photo was taken they were hauled up by hand but when the lighthouse at the entrance was updated the "Bandstand" with the signal mast was removed and electrically operated signal balls were placed just outside.

If only one Ball was exhibited it indicated that large boats could enter.

If two Balls were exhibited it meant that large boats could exit.

If no balls were being exhibited it indicated that entry AND exit of small craft was permitted.

By Trevor Bennett
On 12/02/2009

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