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Blue boulder picker...

By Colin Holden

My uncle, George Winder, and his sister (Liz Harvey who is mentioned elsewhere on this site in the page about the Sheet Loft Workers), were among the workers who collected the large blue/grey stones from the west beach and who were referred to locally as the "blue boulder pickers". This was a job which my father Bob always referred to as "blo*** hard graft".

George Winder was also a member of the lifeboat crew during the 1920`s

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On the cliff face where the old sand pit was above Court Farm, there used to be three large concrete blocks which I understand were the base for the tripod crane which was used to lift the boulders from the beach. Can anybody tell me why they hauled them up the cliff, surely it would have been easier to remove them by road from the Breakwater Promenade.

By Colin Holden
On 23/12/2008

I am surprised that there are only 2 mentions on the site of the Blue Boulder Pickers or the Pumice Factory on the West Quay where the boulders were pulverized to make pumice dust. It was not there long as just about all the workers (my grand father Albert Winder amongst them) died from lung disease, and as far as I know it was demolished and removed from history. Surley there must be more memories of this episode of 1920 recycling!

By ray sexton
On 28/06/2009

Hi there, my dad and I were looking at this site, Albert Winder is my great grandfather. Albert's daughter Terry married Godfrey Britnell (known as Jeff) who still lives in Newhaven to this day. I was just wondering how you were related if he was your grandad?

By Jasmine Britnell
On 23/11/2009

I believe we may be related, but further back in the Winder family, I know of more than one Albert as I have researched the Winder family tree. Perhaps Jasmine you & Colin would like to contact me through the committee.

By Ray Sexton
On 27/07/2012

Hello, Is this the same George Winder whose parents were William Henry Winder and Mary Earl. According to my family tree, George would be my Great Grandfathers Uncle. Born around 1869?

Can anyone help Simon -- Editor

By Simon Winder
On 11/01/2022

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