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Photo:William, Elizabeth and family, back garden of 4 Lewes Road, approx 1903. Starting from top Left, Elizabeth, William, William James(son), Mabel(dau), Pansie(dau), Adelaide(Wills Mum),Renie(dau), Jack(son)

William, Elizabeth and family, back garden of 4 Lewes Road, approx 1903. Starting from top Left, Elizabeth, William, William James(son), Mabel(dau), Pansie(dau), Adelaide(Wills Mum),Renie(dau), Jack(son)

Photo:Williams Death 1934

Williams Death 1934

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'RICHARDSON FAMILY OF NEWHAVEN' page

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By Russell Richardson

William Richardson was born on the 5th August 1862, in Brighton, Sussex and was the 5th son of Isaiah and Adelaide Urry.  Isaiah and Adelaide moved from Iford, Sussex to Newhaven sometime between 1851 and 1861, and the 1861 census had them resident in the High Street, Newhaven.

William had a large family consisting of four brothers, Charles, John, James Henry and George, and five sisters, Harriet, Caroline, Adelaide, Minnie and Alice Jane. He married Elizabeth Ranger towards the end of 1881, and for nearly 50 years was employed by the LB and SC and Southern Railway Companies. According to newspaper cuttings, William was one of the first to work on the breakwater, and also acted as lighthouse keeper for a period of time.

William and Elizabeth had two sons and four daughters, William James, Jack Albert, Mabel Adelaide, Elizabeth Alice, Rene Kathleen and Pansie Ethel.  Williams's wife Elizabeth died in 1907, after what the newspaper reported as "a painful illness extending over six months".  William passed away nearly 27 years later on the 11th November 1934.

Of all his sons and daughters, only his son, William James stayed in Newhaven. He married Hannah Mercy Akehurst on the 6th November 1905. They both lived in Newhaven for the rest of their lives and William James died in 1956, after having his foot amputated to prevent the spread of gangrene.

From contact with an old resident of Newhaven, I have been told that he believes that Hannah Mercy Richardson (know as Daw for some reason) passed away sometime around 1970.

Most of Isaiah and Adelaide's sons and daughters also remained in Newhaven, and I would be most grateful of any further information on my Richardson line.

I would also like to thank Colin, who has been most helpful in providing me with a lot of information with regards to William James and Hannah Mercy

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My Paternal Grandmother, Maud Akehurst, married Richard William Easton and they lived in Railway Road.

Hannah Mercy Akehurst, who I knew as Aunt Hannah, was the sister of my Grandmother and I remember her living in a timber clad bungalow on the corner of Railway Road and Estate Road

By Carol Bagnall (nee Easton)
On 27/01/2009

Hi. It would appear that my great great grandfather was William's elder brother Charles. He married a Clara Hope and they had 9 children. He died in 1916. The only information I have about William is that the family moved from the High St to Bollens Row.

By sharon voice nee Richardson
On 19/09/2009

Richardson Genealogy Website :-

By Russell Richardson
On 14/10/2009

Richard W Easton (1885 - 1928) was my husband's great-uncle. I am researching this part of our family and would like information on his father, Richard William Easton (the first)  1863 - 1940.

By Vicki Blann
On 07/01/2011

Richard William Easton (1863-1940) was my great great grandfather he worked in the old cement works at South Heighton, he married twice, his second wife was nee Saunders. They lived in a bungalow to the front of the old cement works which used to be the offices. His son Horace late of Portland Terrace was my grandfather, my father also Horace of 1 Stable Cottages was my father.

By brian malcolm easton
On 14/01/2011

Thank you for the responses about Richard William Easton (1) and Richard William Easton (2). The investigation continues. According to my research I believe Richard William Easton (1) was born in 1863 and died in 1948, not 1940.

By Vicki Blann
On 14/01/2011

Hi Vicki, I think you may be right, my brother has an old pay slip of his, and a picture of him receiving a clock on his retirement. I was too generous with the greats in my last email. He was my great grandfather. His grandson also Richard William Easton still lives in Portland Terrace. He confirms that his uncle Richard William Easton (2) lived in Railway Road. I will try to find more paper evidence for RWE (1), what evidence do you have that he died in 1948?

By Brian Malcolm Easton
On 15/01/2011

Richard William Easton (b.Dec 1885) was my paternal great-grandfather. I am trying to research my family history. There seems to be some confusion about when exactly he died. My dad and his sister were told by their father, Albert, that Richard had died aged 44 yrs in 1928. However, I can find no death certificate to support this. It seems more likely he is the Richard William Easton that died in 1940 (predeceasing his father, Richard snr) and that somehow he became estranged from his family? I'd be very grateful for any information about him.  Thanks.

Anyone who with any information for Nicky can reply here and the editors will pass contact details on if requested.

As it is the policy of OurNewhaven website not to publish personal email addresses.

By Nicky Easton
On 31/08/2012

Charles H Richardson was my gran's grandfather (The son of Charles Richardson and Clara Hope). My great-gran was Adelaide E Richardson. My gran is Ethel Adelaide. Nice to see where the Adelaide originated.

By Claire Howard
On 06/03/2016

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