Photo:Westminster Dredger

Westminster Dredger

Ray Turner

Photo:Foremost Prince

Foremost Prince

Ray Turner

Photo:Meeching Tug towing mud barge

Meeching Tug towing mud barge

Ray Turner

Photo:Westminster Dredger 'Thames'

Westminster Dredger 'Thames'

Ray Turner

Photo:Dredging the East Cut

Dredging the East Cut

Ray Turner


By Sylvia Woolford

The photos were taken during the 1970's whilst my Dad (Ray Turner) was working on the Harbour Launch or around the Harbour. When I was a teenager I remember accompanying dad in the Harbour Launch with provisions for the Westminster Dredger which was anchored outside of the harbour. Another of Dad's tasks was to ferry the men on/off the dredger for the change of crew (he did this on a Thursday at 5am). He also took out provisions, spares etc... but if the weather was bad the dredger usually came into harbour.

Photo 1: Westminster Dredger 'Water Way'.  This is a suction dredger (the mud was sucked into the hold, then taken outside the harbour to a designated area, the hold doors were opened and the mud was dumped).

Photo 2: Foremost Prince

Photo 3: Meeching Towing a mud barge (the Testside loaded mud onto barges, this was then towed outside of the harbour for the mud to be dumped).

Photo 4: Westminster Dredger 'Thames'. Suction Dredger.

Photo 5: Dredging the East Cut outside of the harbour (Westminster Dredger)

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