Photograph 1966/7

By Helen Wagstaff

All of these pupils are listed in the Meeching school magazine published on this site. Can you spot yourself?  The photo wasn't taken at Meeching Junior School but Telscombe where we were visiting as the school choir.

I'll see how many names I can put to the faces.  Perhaps someone out there can remember the ones I can't!

Back row L to R. Jacqui Rabet. Diane Stevens. Chris ? Richard Wood. Maurice Brocklesby. Nicholas Frazer. Graham Gough. Candy Knight. Anne Cotton.

Middle row L to R. Laurence Deakin. Gaye Tucker. ? Janice Wingate. Janice Penfold. Marion Lower. Robert Poulton. Susan Lewry. Stuart Winton. Rosemary Townsend. Jacqui ? ? Deborah Whitehunn. ? Tracy Ware. Helen Russell. ? Jane Shoulders. Vickie Busk. Stephen Earl.

Front row L to R. Barbara Revel. Brian Thorpe. Jacqui ? Gillian Morley. Kathleen Ralph. Gillian Pryor. Rosemarie Futej. Gilly Murgatroyd. Pammy Ryan. Marion Watson. Linda Colewell. Janet Flowers.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'MEECHING JUNIOR SCHOOL' page
This page was added by Helen Wagstaff (nee Russell) on 25/09/2007.
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Back row Christopher Clarke
Middle row Margaret Nunn

It's the first time I've seen this photo

By Kathy
On 25/05/2008

Thanks for filling in a couple of gaps Kathy? Are you Kathy Ralph? If so, I haven't seen you for about 35+ years! Are you still local? Hope you're well.

By Helen Wagstaff
On 02/06/2008

Jackie on the front row is Jackie Marsh.

By Marion Milroy(Lower)
On 11/07/2008

Is it Susan Payne next to Deborah White-Hun?

By anne duffy
On 11/07/2008

Back visiting Mum and Dad. It was good to see all the faces, many I remember well. My girls were able to pick me out so it means we can't have changed that much even after the passage of 40 or more years! Best wishes to all others in the photo hope life has treated you all well. Jan

By Jan Parry (nee Wingate)
On 25/08/2008

My auntie Gill Murgatroyd is 8th from the left on the front row

By S Murgatroyd
On 07/11/2008

Can't remember this photo! My hair is still awful! Hope everyone is happy. I'm a grandmother! Still see Anne Cotton, Rose Futej and Marion Lower.

By Linda Crosse (nee Colwell)
On 21/03/2009

Had a shock seeing this photo of all of us back then, nice to see familar faces.   The boy on the back row is Chris Clark

By Pam Smart (was Ryan)
On 19/09/2009

I have just come across this site - its so great to see all my old school friends. Brings back many happy memories. I went to one reunion some years ago, but have not bumped into anyone since. I vaguely remember singing in the choir.

By Diane Godfrey (nee stevens)
On 24/03/2011

So many names I had forgotten! Hello everyone from down under. Hope you are all well. I see no one of course!

By Stuart Winton
On 24/12/2011

Nice to see you pop up on to these pages Stuart. The last time I saw you was at our school reunion nearly 16 years ago! How often do you manage to visit the U.K?

By Helen Wagstaff
On 06/01/2012

Hi Stuart. Nice to see you pop up on the site. I haven't seen you since our school reunion about 16 years ago! Do you visit the U.K on a regular basis? I also wonder where everyone is from this photo. I've only bumped in to a couple of people over the last few years.

By Helen Wagstaff
On 06/01/2012

It is good to see a lot of old faces. How time flies it seems only yesterday that we were all at school together. I have been living in the US now for 20 years and am currently working on the West Coast and living on the East Coast so quite a commute. Let me know if there is ever any plans for another reunion.

By Robert Poulton
On 21/01/2012

Anne Cotton arranged the last reunion. Still see her so will suggest another one.

By Linda Crosse(Colwell)
On 02/02/2012

Gosh, brings back memories. Lovely to see the old photos. Thank you

By Debbie Bosworth (nee White-Hunn
On 06/04/2013

Oh my goodness! Just seen this photo, and yes it is me, Susan Paine, next to Deborah White-Hunn. I remember that day and the excitement of it all. So lovely to see all the old faces and to remember the names of friends at school. Thank you.

By Sue Pilfold
On 18/05/2014

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