Circa 1935

By Carol Walton

Photo:Audrey, Pony and Gladys Eager

Audrey, Pony and Gladys Eager

Private Collection of Pony Eager

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Is this The Eager Family who were at The Flying Fish in Denton. As a child in the 50s My Dad TED worked at The Hatcheries in Denton. W.D.Evans. I used to go to the flying fish for a lemonade & packet of crisps Saturday mornings with him. Mr & Mrs Eager were lovely family people and have fond memories of them. Mary (nee Carter)

By Mary thomas
On 21/05/2010

I was going to ask the same thing. I am distantly related to the Eager family who used to run The Flying Fish in Denton, Lucy, Bert and their daughter Margaret. Just over the wall in The Shrubbery lived their sisters Mary and Flo'. Their brother lived next door, (I've forgotten his name), with his wife Eadie.

By Jane Waller
On 22/07/2011

My father was born in the Euston area of London in 1926. His father had come down from Durham to seek his fortune, but abandoned my grandmother while she was pregnant! My father was a sickly child, and she was advised to move to the seaside...she moved to New Steine in Brighton when he was quite young. I often wonder why she chose Brighton - possibly because my father allegedly had an aunt in Newhaven or thereabouts, although I don't know her name.

By Bob Eager
On 30/06/2013

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