Old Police Station and Meeching Road 1970'S

By Ginny Smith

These two end houses were demolished soon after this photo was taken-the traffic now comes roaring up though that area.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'SOUTHWAY - PREPARATION OF ONE WAY SYSTEM' page
This page was added by Ginny Smith on 04/07/2008.
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Is the building in the background the old police station?

By Sylvia Woolford
On 10/10/2007

Hello Sylvia. I think it is or possibly part of the Junior School close by. Thanks for all the memories

By Jan Chapman
On 19/11/2007

I think it is the police station, the school was further down. We had not long moved into number 18 when the demolition started. Being new to the town we had to check that we were not also in the firing line for demolition.

By Judith Ost
On 16/12/2007

Wasn't the old Police station a detached building directly opposite South Road?

By Marquis
On 12/01/2008

You are correct, it is the police station. The school roof can be seen above the roof of the police station.

By Colin Holden
On 10/01/2008

The boarded up house at the end of Meeching Road belonged to local piano teacher Margaret Moyes. Like many local youngsters, I started my music lessons there.
Andy Gilbert

By Andy Gilbert
On 25/02/2008

I remember starting many a beat patrol (on foot) from that Police Station in the mid 60s. In those days every street in Newhaven saw a foot patrol at least once in 24 hours! The Enquiry Office/Switchboard (manual) was in the room to the left of the front door. We had a pit in the back garden for washed up suspected explosive devices. I remember a man from the West Cliff caravans bringing in a bucketfull of rusty WW11 hand grenades he had dug up! We also had a Neil Robinson stretcher to collect washed up bodies. A foot patrol of West Beach at dawn was usually carried out as all sorts of interesting things washed up there. I remember most of a light aircraft coming ashore at one time! Sargeant Vears was my section sergeant and Inspector Hoxey was i/c. He drove a Ford Zephyr with HOX 1 as the registration number, and God help you if you failed to spot it and salute him while on patrol!

By Roy Hills
On 06/04/2008

It is the police station, I remember it well, not so fond memories of it.

By Alan Wiltshire
On 02/09/2017

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