Trip to RN Airbase Lossiemouth May 1969

By P Baitup

A few of the Newhaven Sea Cadets from 1969, can you spot who's who?

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The image is a bit small to spot anyone with certainty, though I should know most of them. A link to a larger copy would be handy.

I know I'm not in this one, as I didn't do the trip to Lossie. I went the following year (or maybe the year after), down to RNAS Yeovilton. Only a handful of us went and I remember Lt John Owen took us down in his car.

It was a great week, even though the weather stopped us getting the expected flights in the plane. I do remember winning the long jump in the sports day - I wasn't known for sports and I think John Owen nearly fell over when I told him!

Are there any photos of the Yeovilton trip, or any other of the Sea Cadets from that era?


By Andy Gilbert
On 16/03/2009

I think I was in this photograph! If it was the year I went then most of the lads in this photo were from Newhaven and around. Unbelievably (today) we travelled all the way to Scotland more-or-less on our own by train. Great experience I remember a squadron of Vulcan bombers scrambled on exercise in the middle of night, nearly shook the place apart.

By Andy Smith
On 12/04/2009

I went on this trip to RN Lossiemouth in 1969. I am centre middle row sittng next to Christopher Doyle and I remember myself and Christopher going to visit my Aunt in Elgin as we were given some time out. I remember you Paul as you played in goal for the Sea Cadet Team. I always remember we had a very good team at that time.

By Stuart Forbes
On 27/06/2009

Hi all. Yes we did have a good football team, and we did win a final. I have the medal but can't remember when or where the game was played. I can only remember John Owen running up and down the line in his usual excited manner and us all playing very well.

By P Baitup
On 31/10/2009

Hi Paul, I remember John brought a shooting stick to sit on at one of the games and I remember myself thinking how long that would last. It lasted about 2 minutes into the game and, as you say, he was up and down the line in his usual excited manner. Good guy, John; did a lot of work for us when we were in the Sea Cadets.

By stuart forbes
On 14/11/2009

I am sitting front row, 4th from right. Holding my teeth because a kid from Burnley nearly knocked them out! As for John Owen, he certainly did a great job for the football team. I was by far the worst player in it, but we still managed to win every game. One was 37-0 and I recall that Stuart Forbes scored 16 of them. That must be a record of some sort. I also remember John Owen falling off his perch when Steve Greenfield missed a sitter in a final, heading the ball over the bar in front of an open goal. Hilarious. Lossiemouth sticks in my memory because of the quality of the food on the RNAS. Oh, and because that little Burnley kid nearly knocked my teeth out!

By Stuart Winton
On 26/12/2011

Well done Paul. I am struggling with this image but am convinced I can see you and David Cameron.  Pretty sure I am also in there somewhere as I am certain I was on that trip and had my first taste of "grog". "War" by Edwin Starr was also being constantly played on the NAAFI juke box. Mark Osborn (TS Defiance, 1966 to 1971)

By Mark Osborn
On 13/04/2012

Hi Mark I think you are in the 2nd row 1st on the left with me and Bob Grieveson behind you

By P Baitup
On 12/06/2012

I still have that shooting stick.

By John Owen
On 28/01/2013

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