Entering the Harbour in the early fifties

By John Quinton

Taken by my father, Charles Quinton.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'SS WORTHING' page
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Worthing was a very smart ship and this 'classic' view of her coming through the 'narrows' shows her lines very well. From the state of the paintwork, it looks like she's fresh from a paint-up at the Marine Shops. Note the white line between the black and red parts of the hull. It always made the ships look smarter, but our British vessels sometimes didn't have it.

A little of Worthing's history:
Built 1928 by Denny Brothers, Dumbarton. Requisitioned in 1939 as a troop transport and served as HMS Brigadier and took part in the Normandy Invasion. Remained with the navy until 1946, when she returned to Newhaven as Worthing once again. She was sold in June 1955 to Greek owners and renamed Phryni, her place having effectively been taken by Brighton (VI) and Londres. She worked on many routes in the Mediterranean until 1960, when she was laid up. She was broken up in 1964.

By Andy Gilbert
On 06/04/2009


Hi Andy,

Out of interest, other than possibly wartime, do you have any record of her visiting Folkestone.


Nigel Thornton

I'm not aware of any visits there, Nigel, though it's entirely possible. I'll see if there's anything down at the Museum when it re-opens at Easter. Andy

By Nigel Thornton
On 24/03/2018

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