A Christmas party and a royal celebration.

By Myrtle Foard , Heather Allen and Ray Woolven

Our aunt, Mrs Annie Bundock, came to Newhaven with her husband, sister Miss Ruth Langdon and her niece, Miss Ethel Williams, (later our mother Mrs Ethel Woolven) and bought the laundry in approximately 1925. Miss Ruth Langdon worked as an ironer, using an old gas iron, and our mother was a packer. There was a coal fired boiler for which the coal was delivered around the alley behind the laundry right through the war years when it was managed by our father Mr Arthur Woolven, when they had to do all the laundry for the troops in the town. Then, in approximately 1946 she sold it to her friend Mrs Miles. They owned it for a short while but they sold it to Mr & Mrs Armitage.

The first photograph shows Mr & Mrs Bundock in the middle front row with Miss Langdon next to Mr Bundock and our mother next to Mrs Bundock.  This was taken at a Laundry Christmas party which was held annually at the Sheffield Hotel. We are sorry we do not know the date of this.

The second photograph is taken outside the Laundry with Mr & Mrs Armitage in the middle front row and our Mother and Mrs Bundock standing on the extreme right of the photograph.

I'm assuming that the ER banners indicate that the second photo was taken in the Queen's coronation year, 1953. Is this correct? - Andy, Editor.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'NEWHAVEN LAUNDRY STAFF PARTY' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'NEWHAVEN LAUNDRY STAFF PARTY' page
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Comments about this page

How interesting to see a photo of my great Uncle Frank Armitage and Auntie Beattie. My grandparents moved to Fort Road in 1948 to help at the Downs Laundry and I spent many happy holidays at Newhaven in the 50's and 60's which are all brought back to life through your very excellent website.

By Ann Bonson
On 19/05/2009

I remember when it caught fire in the 60's. The heat was incredible and the fire brigade just let the big crowd stand opposite to gawp. I don't think it would be allowed today.

By Ron Herriott
On 13/12/2009

That's my great aunt 2nd row from front 5th lady in, sat behind the 1st man in the front row. She is Margaret Henderson, and worked at the laundry for years.

By Rachel Beardsworth
On 10/05/2013

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