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Car Badge

By Jim Still

Isn't it amazing what you find when you turn stuff over in your loft, and how the memories come flooding back to you. A "Cresta Yacht Club" Car Badge. I wonder if anyone else still has one? At one time it was quite the in-thing to display club badges on one's car.   Today one would be foolhardy to display such things on your car, unless you wanted to "lose" it of course.

Talking of badges, I was the founder of the "Newhaven Motor Club" back in the late fifties/early sixties and we used to meet in the East Side social hut near the Engineer pub. We had a club badge which was plastic and the centre had a design similar to the Newhaven Council emblem. (The old bridge.) I wonder if any of those badges are still in existence. Oh happy days!

This page was added by Jim Still on 28/06/2012.
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I remember these badges well Jim.
The motorcycle one I copied onto my helmet. Remember the practice hill climb? And the guy with the BMW having to grab three hand fulls of throttle as he changed up near the top ha ha ha! Good days

By William Still
On 13/06/2009

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