FISHERMEN'S CLUB - 1999 / 2009

West Quay

By Albert Knight and Laurie Stonehouse

The first photograph was taken about two years before the demise of this building, it was removed to make way for phase 1 of the West Quay redevelopment. The next picture is roughly the same location in 2009.

Photo:Fishermans Club - 1999

Fishermans Club - 1999

Kind permission of Albert Knight

Photo:Fishermans club site - 2009

Fishermans club site - 2009

Laurie Stonehouse

This page was added by Laurie Stonehouse on 27/06/2009.
Comments about this page

I used to go to the old Fishermen's Club with my step dad, who was the coxwain of Newhaven Lifeboat many years ago when it launched down the slipway.

By Sue Mayo
On 25/06/2010

The first photo must have been taken early in the morning. 'Paddy' Boyle's car isn't parked outside...

By Rob Patten
On 13/07/2010

One of the more famous people to visit the club was Ozzy Osborne just after he bit off the head of a bat on stage. I remember having a pint with him.

By Bob (pug) Page
On 16/08/2010

Ozzy (Osbourne) came to the club with my dad's friend Phil Carlo, my dad and Phil went back years. Ozzy wasn't the only famous person to come to the club, Phil also brought Jimmy Page! mum and dad have photo's of Ozzy at the club at their house.

By Tracey Thomson(neve)
On 20/05/2011

So with Ozzy (Osbourne's) previous association to the town, might he be approached to open this year's Lifeboat Fete!!?  You never know.

By Keith Curl
On 23/01/2012

Hi, my name is Melanie and I moved to Newhaven in the late 1980's. I used to regularly visit the fisherman's club with my partner, Christopher Charles Thornton, born 29th May, who had a brother Robert Thornton, who I believe, still lives on a boat in Newhaven. I remember the Bickerstaffs (John) a fisherman and David who married Tracey - they lived at Denton. I used to live in Gibbon Road and knew Emmy & Colin - does anybody from Newhaven know the whereabouts of Robert or Christopher please? I left Newhaven for personal reasons and moved back to my family in Kent. I would love to trace Christopher, who I believe lives in Lewes, was married to Jackie and had a daughter called Lauren. I have searched for many years but am unable to find any contact. If you have any information on Christopher or Robert Thornton (mother was Glad lived in Brockley, London) I'd be so grateful to visit, or contact Chris again. Kind regards, Melanie

By Melanie Bennett (nee Marrison)
On 26/08/2013

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