Two photographs

By David Ashdown

These pictures are of works parties featuring staff from the Vacco factory. My father (Don Ashdown) is included in both of them and I feel sure there are faces that people will recognize. Can anyone put names to the faces?
Thank you David. Do you know the date of these photos or the venue? Editors

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'VACCO WORKS PARTY' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'VACCO WORKS PARTY' page
This page was added by David Ashdown on 31/07/2009.
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Photos taken in the 1950's? And the venue is upstairs at the Ship hotel. Hope this is useful.

By David Ashdown
On 03/08/2009

Front row, third from left is 'Dinky' Darville, and sixth from left is May Waters.

By Carol Walton
On 26/09/2009

Myself and my mum Lousia Raycraft and my sister Anne Raycraft all worked at the Vacco. We knew May Waters, Dinkey and Don Ashdown. Mum worked there for years with Dinkey. Sadley mum died in 2006, age 92. My sister Anne passed away 26 /12/2009, age 65. I now live in Ireland.

By barbara raycraft,
On 05/03/2010

As you look at the front row, 3rd lady from right  with an authoritive 'air' about her V neck dress and glasses, looks like my friend Richard Parkers nan, who used to live near Heighton and rode a bicycle until she was really old.

By Kev Sanders
On 24/12/2010

My Grandmother Lily Parfitt worked at the Vacco factory in the 1970's and as a child I remember going there to visit when she was working. I am trying to find photo's of the actual factory to add to my family history but having no luck so far. If anyone has any and willing to share I would most gratefull.

By Matthew Robinson
On 10/10/2012

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