BRIDGE STREET - 1913 / 2009

Then and Now

By Laurie Stonehouse

Another fine postcard of Bridge Street from around 1913.   There are a lot of people milling around, I wonder where they are going.  Some seem to be in their work clothes, whilst the young man near  Bannisters is carrying a small bag on his shoulder, what could his profession be?

The next photograph was taken in 2009, quite a contrast as there are no people milling around, and only a few shops for people to explore.

Photo:Bridge Street - c1913

Bridge Street - c1913

G Amy collection

Photo:Bridge Street - 2009

Bridge Street - 2009

L Stonehouse

This page was added by Laurie Stonehouse on 02/10/2009.
Comments about this page

How sad to see the change from what used to be a thriving, energetic and interesting street reduced to being virtually dead. This photo makes it particularly clear just how much the town has changed even since I left it just twelve years ago.

By Derek Longly
On 30/06/2011

The tree visible on the right of Bridge St in the 1913 picture grew into a large elm which housed a rookery till it was cut down around the mid 1950s. I used to wake on spring and summer mornings to the cawing of rooks, such peaceful sound, now so evocative. There always seemed to be buses in the street in those days, and it was busy.

By lionel warnes
On 13/01/2013

I remember the Co-op so vividly.  Even now, nearly 60 years later, I cannot forget my mum's Co-op number - which had to be used for every purchase so that she would get her divi.  Important in those days when people did not have a lot of money.  The Co-op was the main store in the town selling everything from corsets to children's sandals and furniture.  Nothing exists anything like it now.

By Marie Harvey
On 22/09/2014

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