SANDY BEACH & WEST BEACH - 1930's / 1950's

Summer days

By Laurie Stonehouse

The following pictures show how busy the west beach and promenade area was in the 1930's/1950's. This area is now looking a bit sorry for itself, hopefully in the not-too-distant future this part of Newhaven will be regenerated.

Photo:Promenade and Sandy Beach - c1930

Promenade and Sandy Beach - c1930

G Amy Collection

Photo:Promenade - c1930

Promenade - c1930

N Honeyball Collection

Photo:Sandy Beach and The Fort - c1930

Sandy Beach and The Fort - c1930

G Amy Collection

Photo:West Beach - c1930

West Beach - c1930

G Amy Collection

Photo:Sandy Beach - c1950

Sandy Beach - c1950

N Honeyball Collection

Photo:Promenade - c1950

Promenade - c1950

N Honeyball Collection

Photo:Breakwater - c1950

Breakwater - c1950

N Honeyball Collection

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'SANDY BEACH & WEST BEACH - 1930's / 1950's' page

Old postcard

Photo:Old Tea Shop / Promenade - c1950

Old Tea Shop / Promenade - c1950

G Amy Colection

Photo:Regeneration Please - 2009

Regeneration Please - 2009

L Stonehouse

Photo:Sandy Beach - 2009

Sandy Beach - 2009

L Stonehouse

Photo:Sandy Beach Closed - 2008

Sandy Beach Closed - 2008

L Stonehouse

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Wot, no swimmin' or fishing'!!!     Bye-Laws that have been happily broken by thousands of people for the past 78 and a half years it would seem (including me, although I'll admit, many years ago)

By Andy Gilbert
On 28/10/2009

"....that part of the harbour which lies between Horse Shoe Sluice and an imaginary line drawn........"
surely that means anywhere in the river because isn't/wasn't Horse Shoe Sluice somewhere above the Swing Bridge?

By Pete 2
On 28/10/2009

That's how I read it, Pete.

By Andy Gilbert
On 29/10/2009

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