ODDS OF 5000 TO 1

Old Friends Meet

By Reigna Mitchell

As the words are a bit small on this cutting I will tell you the story. My son, Craig McIntyre and his friend Kevin Pollard had not seen each other for well over 20 yrs. They were at infant school together, went through the years in sea cadets and boxing clubs together, (I think they lost touch when they joined the army) Then low and behold they met in Canada this year when Kevin was assigned to drive the tank that Craig commanded. Apparently the odds of this happening are 5000 to 1.

Photo:Press Cutting

Press Cutting

Kind permission of the Evening Argus

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Just after we moved to Canada in 1991 my eldest daughter arranged to go back to Newhaven for two weeks to visit friends. We live on an island off the west coast so have to take a ferry to Vancouver to catch international flights. The day of the departure there was a problem with the ferry service so option B was to put her on a smaller plane to get her to the airport for her UK bound flight. In the parking lot was an older couple, the woman in the same predicament wanting to get to Vancouver Airport to catch a flight. We started talking and I offered her a ride to the regional local airport to catch a flight. Small World, it turns out she was going to visit her sister...in Newhaven...who was Mrs Greenfield, my primary school teacher. Needless to say my daughter had company all the way back to England.

By Rob Patten
On 01/11/2009

Kevin is my cousin who I haven't seen either for about 20 years. I just want to say how cool this happening is.....AND how proud I am to call him family.

By Brenda Robinson
On 09/12/2009

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