Circa 1960's

By P Baitup

From Left to Right. Marcus Stroud, Me, Andy Greenfield, Mr Poulton, Ray Webb.  Peter Stride kneeling. I think we had just come back from a pulling competition.

For those not familar with naval terminology, 'pulling' is rowing! Newhaven Sea Cadets had a variety of small boats for the lads to use, including a 'whaler' and several 'ASC' boats. (Auxiliary Sailing Craft, I think, as they could also be rigged with mast and sails.) There was at one time also a motor pinnace - a welcome sight if you'd been out pulling around Seaford Bay for an hour or so and it came out to tow all the little boats back in! Remember it well. - Andy, Editor

Photo:Newhaven SCC Pulling Team - 1960's

Newhaven SCC Pulling Team - 1960's

Baitup Private Collection

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Comments about this page

Does anyone know Mr Poultons first name??

By Nick Poulton
On 04/12/2009

Hi Nick, Mr Poulton's name is William but he was known as Wally.

By Tommy Holmes
On 29/12/2009

Hi Nick, Sorry Tommy but that is John Poulton, Wally's younger brother. He took over from Wally in our highly successful team.

By Peter Stride
On 17/08/2012

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