Christmas c1961

By Celia Malfroot

Priscilla Beale, Pat Powney, ?, ?, Valerie Vaughan, Wendy Riggs, ?, ?, Celia Terrill, Christine Earl, ( Front row ) Ernie C., ? .

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Third on the left in the back row looks like Eileen Medhurst (Kent)

By Carol Walton
On 07/05/2010

Front Row: Peter Blaber and Ernie Coville.

Back Row: Priscilla Beale, Pat Powney, Eileen Medhurst, Mrs Blaber (Peter's Mum?) Valerie Vaughan, Wendy Riggs, Eileen Pierce, Margaret Matthews, Celia Terrill, Christine Earl.

By Jenny Baker
On 06/02/2011

Eva Blaber, my great aunt, is indeed Peter's mum, and how lovely to see Valerie, Wendy and Margaret. A real 'blast from the past' No doubt many will remember my lovely Father-in-law George Wheeler, and his wife Essie, who met whilst working at Parker's.

By janet finn
On 02/08/2011

I went to school with Ted Blaber, is he related to Eva?. He lived in Northdown Road. Would be nice to make contact again. The other lad who knocked around with us was John Adams, (he lived in Gibbon Road) and Eddie Holman was another. I used to call in for him on the way to school. He was at the reunion in 2000, Sorry I didn't know about it but I had moved away, although only to Hastings. Would be great to catch up with them again.

By Terry Howard
On 06/08/2011

Hi Terry, was Eddie up and awake when you called for him?. He, Ray Gay and myself went to Lewes Tech in the 60's as apprentice plumbers, after classes, went to the Lansdowne Arms to play in the darts team, throw a mean dart could Eddie. We also used to drink and play darts in the Crown Inn at Newhaven. Quite a gang of us went out on Fridays, which over the years dwindled due to various reasons, but I think Eddie was and probably still is, the sole survivor. Have not seen him for a long time. The other lad you mentioned, John Adams, I did not know very well, but I can remember his dad collecting waste food for Dunning's pigs around town. I worked at Dunning's for many years during my school days, as did many other lads. Well, I've deviated from Parker Pen a bit, but I did get to do some work there and can remember some of the people in the photo, good old days.

By Colin Brandon
On 06/08/2011

Seems our careers are aligned, but I never knew Eddie was at Lewes Tech. I went there in the early sixties, had liquid lunches in the Lansdown and played bar billiards in there. How we ever learnt anything after lunch I don't know. Then 3 hours later we used to drive home. We had a bit to do with the plumbers, do you remember Tony Parsons from Seaford we used to have some laughs with him?.

By Terry Howard
On 07/08/2011

Yes, I did know of Tony Parsons but I'm sure he was in the year behind our group, so did not actually attend tech on the same days. Eddie and Ray worked in the Marine Shops and most of their plumbing work was on the B R boats. Eddie went on to the harbour works, [ That's when the harbour and promenade were well maintained under the supervision of Bob Martin ] and I believe Ray stayed with BR and then with Ports and Properties, until retirement. The carpenter teacher that taught you at tech used to turn out the wooden parts of "Norfolk" type fishing reels for us, we made all the brass spindles etc and had a good little earner going!!!!. Believe it or not, I did not get to have one for myself. After leaving tech, I managed to get them made by a lad in the carpenters shop at Parker Pen.

By Colin Brandon
On 09/08/2011

OMG! I have pic's of Eileen Kent when she came to visit my mum in Canada after we moved there. My mum was Mary (Molly) Kosonic. She worked there too! and there was another lady named Shirley that came to Canada with Eileen.. this is way cool.. I have to show my mum. who is 88 this year.

By Carol Kosonic
On 10/01/2014

Carol, I remember your mum and dad very well in fact I met up with your mum when she came to UK just a couple of years ago to stay with brother in Punnetts Town. I am a close friend of your brother in law Johnny Allen. John and I always meet up whenever he comes to the UK. Maybe you remember who I am as John and Sandy both visited us every time time they came to UK. We all work together at the Thorn factory on Denton Island along with your other sister Janet. I remember you and your brother Michael.

By Paul Blackman
On 18/01/2014


Strange request, I know. My father James Albert Winson-Longley was production manager at Parkers in the 1960s. Does anyone have any information about him, or photographs.

Any memory of him would be interesting to know - good or bad!

Thank you

By Christopher Winson-Longley
On 14/12/2023

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