Or was it the Meeching Infants school?

By P Baitup

Sorry for any wrong spellings or names it was a long time ago, around the very early 60's I think.

Back row from left,? , Paul Crooks, ?, ?, ?, ?, Dave Trigwell, Nevill Rookley, John Skinner, ?.

Mid row from left, Jane Capon, Nigel Brookes, ?, ?, Sheila Aldridge, Robert Horsecraft, Brian Simms, Mick Raynor, David Raynor, Tony Nunn, Janice Horsecraft, Graham Island,

Front row from left, ? Penfold, Keith Scoffield, Julian Moore, Joe Plant, ?, Linda Colewell, ?, Virginia King, ?, Paul Baitup (me)

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'MEECHING JUNIOR SCHOOL' page
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I'm sure that was Meeching Infants School. The gate was outside Mrs. Headen's Class outer door. Micky Raynor and Jane Capon lived just down the road from me. Unfortunately I cannot remember how much younger they were.

By William Stovell
On 04/12/2009

Yes William you are right it is the Meeching Infants School. In the picture are the Chapel Street houses in the background and on the righthand side the little single metal gate entrance from a pathway and small flint wall up from Chapel Street.

By John Hills
On 04/12/2009

Yes you are right, it is Meeching Infants School. My dear sister Ann would have known some of the children in this photo. But sadly she passed away in December 2009, at the age of 66. I moved out of Newhaven in 2002 and now live in Ireland.

By barbara raycraft
On 01/09/2010

I'm not in this picture. I went to Harbour Road Infant School but joined all these kids at Meeching Junior School. I think one of the boys at the back is Andrew Masuera or perhaps Barry Gillam.

By Simon Spiers
On 17/12/2010

Like Simon Spiers I also went to the Harbour Infants school and later attended Meeching Junior, I think the boy in the back row on the far left is Roger Pople.

By Richard Jones.
On 26/06/2011

I think this lot were a year or two younger than me but that cute girl in the front with her arms crossed is Lynda Caldwell(?) who was the younger sister of my friend Tony who I spent a LOT of time with after I left school and went to college. Tony loved his Lotus Cortina and we would drive into Brighton two or three times a week at the most ridiculous speeds known to man. I think Tony's 'record' of 128mph was his main claim to fame. Coming back at night should I say...quite fast but I don't ever remember being pulled over by the cops. That roundabout just before Roedean was always the bit where we went very quiet. No seat belts of course. We'd come back to his parents house and listen to the whole of LA Woman and then I'd head home to Denton. Heady days! Still trying to work out how we didn't seem a problem at the time though.

By Peter Howard
On 11/12/2011

I think front row, first on the left may be Janice Penfold.

By Mary Meadows
On 17/11/2013

I went to Meeching Infants School and I am in the middle row, third from the left. I think this was taken in 1962 just before we all moved across the alley to the junior school. I remember sitting outside having this photo taken. Many thanks for posting it as I don't have a copy.

By Caroline Morrison (nee Taylor)
On 20/08/2014

I went to Meeting Infants School & I am sat on the front row on the left of Joe Plant. In the middle row third in on the right is Tony Nunn, we were all good friends and went through our school years together.

By Alan Wiltshire
On 02/09/2017

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