By Laurie Stonehouse

This view of Tideway School was taken from the main playground, with B and C blocks in the picture, who remembers the graffiti outside D block, it was sprayed on the wall with a white aerosol with the words "10cc" on the brickwork.

Photo:Tideway School - 1976

Tideway School - 1976

C Vale - Collection

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I went to this school and also saw these two buildings being demolished.

By felts
On 06/02/2010

Who climbed B Block on the day we were banned from being inside?

By Paul Garwood (Muppet)
On 03/12/2010

I can see my old tutor class in B block,Mr Kellett was the teacher

By Phil Wise
On 06/08/2015

I was in a state of anguish all one summer because I had been given Mr Kellet for years 4/5 English, but it turned out to be one of the best courses (and marks) that I had at Tideway. Just as long as you remembered to duck when the wooden blackboard eraser came your way.

By Rob Patten
On 12/08/2015

Had Mr. Kellett as an English teacher too. Always struck me as a very interesting fellow and too educated to be teaching at Tideway. Wonder what his story was. Was sad to read a few years back that he had passed away. Definitely one of Tideway's better teachers.

By Paul Tucknott
On 14/08/2015

Yes, he was my tutor for my 5 years at Tideway School and looking back I agree, he seemed too good for Tideway. He always looked after my records for me, considering most of them were from the punk era, I was at first surprised he agreed, then when I collected them from him, he would often pass comment on the picture cover being taken at the wrong angle and stuff like that.

By Phil Wise
On 24/08/2015

Mr Kellett died in 2004. According to his obituary, he was Oxford educated. Worked for GHCQ for a while before training as a teacher in Newcastle. He wrote scripts for BBC (mostly classical dramas). I always thought he would have been a brilliant sixth form teacher or sticking to the most able students. 

By Nicky Easton
On 18/07/2020

Where could I read that?

By Phil Wise
On 19/07/2020

There was a piece in the Sussex Express about Mr Kellet's death (he collasped outside Brighton and Hove High School for Girls, where he'd been teaching part-time). 

By Ms Nikki Gillam
On 06/09/2020

Mr Kellet was by far my favourite teacher. I still have a copy of the book A wizard of Earth sea which I remember him reading with different voices for each character. It inspired me to carry on reading. I also remember him lobbing the blackboard rubber... Luckily never at me he could be a scary person when riled but what an inspiring person. RIP


By Sue Wrighting née Adams
On 23/12/2021

I was thinking about Mr Kellet yesterday when I had to write down something about the teacher I remembered most fondly. The man was phenomenal. He was witty, urbane, educated and an educator. He will always have a special place in my heart. He got me reading, "The Jail Diary of Albie Sachs" and as a collective group, we read "The Lost World of the Kalahari" by Laurens van der Post. Rest in peace Mr Kellett. 

By Rashad Moolla
On 05/08/2022

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