Some Memories of the 1980's

By Kate Wells

Photo:PCD staff - mid 1980's

PCD staff - mid 1980's

Kate Wells

In the mid 1970's Parfums Christian Dior opened office and warehouse facilities on the Avis Way Industrial Estate to distribute perfume and cosmetics across the UK. Shipments from France would arrive on a regular basis and was good business for the port.

In October 1978 they moved to larger premises on the Hawthorne Estate (now the Highgate Academy) and occupied the entire building when Moet-Hennessy joined them the following year.

The photograph was take in the mid 1980's and, together with Moet, PCD employed about 50 local people, and were very good to work for, with plenty of perks including a weekend trip to Epernay to the Moet & Chandon cellars in 1985.

There was also a display department in a separate building. They constructed displays for shops and department stores.

I worked for the company from 1978 to 1998 and they continued operating in Newhaven until 2002, when they moved to Surrey.

I can attest to those regular shipments. My job in the mid 80's involved clearing all their imports through Customs. Anyone else have memories of PCD?

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I am in this photo, and can remember it being taken, Christian Dior was a great place to work, I loved it there, everyone was lovely. 

Don't be shy Sarah, where are you in the picture

By Sarah Hartley
On 10/12/2010

I worked for PCD in the 70's as the delivery driver with regular trips up to Mount Street in London which was the Head office. I remember spending the weekend moving everything from the old warehouse which was opposite the Green Arrow depot to the new place pictured. Mrs Pawsey was the Boss of the Newhaven operation and Mr Varley was the big boss who was mainly based at there London HQ. I think the warehouse supervisor was a Mr Tuppin. We use to get a free bottle of Moet for Christmas. Betty was the cleaner, and heaven help you if you walked on her freshly washed floor in the staff rest-room. I've still got the "Tupper ware" she gave me as a wedding present. I lived in Meeching Road and use to work in the evenings with the A&E mobile disco. I left Newhaven in 1981 after my Nan, Lydia Phythian died, & live in North Yorkshire. I came down to Newhaven 6 years ago and was still able to name most of the old shops in the High street, sad I know.

By Cliff Thorpe
On 29/06/2012

thought to be circa 1986. Left to right Back Row: 1 Ann Allcorn, 2 Debbie Hannaford, 3 Query, 4 Query, 5 Lisa-?, 6 Martin-?, 7 Bill-?, 8 John Weaver, Mark-? Middle Row: 1 Rose Facer, 2 June Roaf, 3 Sheila Horlock, 4 Max Rose, 5 Sarah Reed, 6 Barbara Curzon, 7 Maureen Cox, 8 Audrey Stevens, 9 Sheila ?, 10 Alison Bishop, 11 Anne Garner, 12 Claire Roper, 13 Beverley McClean, 14 Maureen ? Front Row: 1 Kate Wells, 2 Joyce Canning, 3 Bill Ward, 4 Mark Thomas, 5 Robert Stevens, 6 John Anderson, 7 Ruby Bates, 8 Margaret Gould, 9 Query?

On 09/07/2012

I worked for Dior in the Display Department as secretary to the Manager from 1989 until 1993 and I think it's Maureen Haren next to Bev on the right side of the middle row.

By Carol (Editor)
On 11/07/2012

So nice to find this blog. My Mum Audrie Pawsey passed away on 20th April at the ripe old age of 91. She was glam till the end and tried to run the care home that was her home before she died, as if she was still at Newhaven. Her funeral is on 26th April, I would love to be able to quote any memories that you have.  

By Sandra Pawsey
On 02/04/2016

Middle row far right in black is Diane White my sister, sadly no longer with us.

By Rosemary Dixon
On 30/11/2017

Next to me was Nita I think that was her name who sadly died very young very sad. 

By Lisa Johnston
On 06/05/2020

My husband, Terence Baker, was the company accountant for Moët and Chandon and worked next door in another converted warehouse on Avis Way. Each year the Dior exam organised a Christmas party and our daughter, Kate, was invited. There was always a fabulous gift and one year the gift was a teddy with very long legs. He was named Christian and went everywhere with her. She is 40 this year and Christian is still around although he is rather off-white. Terence is 75 soon and I will be using this photo in his birthday book. Fabulous memories! The best Staff parties ever! 

By Carole Baker
On 09/07/2021

Good memory's, I'm 3rd from the left in the. back row.

By Julie Keeley
On 30/03/2022

I worked for Audrie Pawsey in the offices in Park Lane, in 1963 to 1968 we had fun it was my first job and she was very kind to me, it was sad when they moved to Newhaven, my name was Julie Wright don't know why I typed her name in but glad I did, great memories.

By Julie Martinelli
On 18/08/2023

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