More Carnival Fun

By Maureen Palser (nee Mockford)

Here are some more photos of Eastsiders having fun at their carnival.

First photo - mid 1940's.

Second photo - Carnival after the end of WW2. Frank Mockford (groom), Fred Richardson (bride). Others not known.

Third photo - date not known. L-R Norman (Eileen Wilkes' first husband), ?, Bill Hollins, ?, Ted Naylor. Others not known.

Photo:Eastside Carnival 1940's

Eastside Carnival 1940's

Maureen Palser

Photo:Eastside Carnival - end of the war

Eastside Carnival - end of the war

Maureen Palser

Photo:Eastside Carnival

Eastside Carnival

Maureen Palser

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Comments about this page

That is my grandad - Fred Richardson - as the bride in the second photo.  I hadn't seen this previously but I was aware that he liked dressing up and appeared one year as a Roman on a chariot pulled by his (bakery) horse! 

By Marie Harvey (nee Hills)
On 24/09/2014

Bottom picture:-  The 3rd from left is Bill Hollins and far right is Ted Naylor.  Brings back happy memories.

By Maureen Palser
On 20/10/2017

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