At the 'Engineer'. Late 1940's/early 1950's

By Maureen Palser (nee Mockford)

Back row, L-R: 'Wings' Cummins, ?, Fred Richardson, Chris Farley, Bill Naylor, Mr Thirling, ?, 'Nobby' Clark, John Novis, Ted Naylor.
Front row, L-R: Frank Mockford, Yvonne King (daughter), Elsie King (landlady), Harry King (landlord), Eileen Roe?, 'Nobby Clark Senior', ?

Presumably, the 'Yvonne Cup' was named after the landord's daughter Yvonne, but does anyone recall what the cup was awarded for? - Andy, Editor.

Photo:Yvonne Cup Night

Yvonne Cup Night

Maureen Palser

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The Yvonne Cup was presented to the winner of a darts competiton held in memory of the landlord's daughter Yvonne. The trophy itself is still on display at The Engineer.

By Nikki Daniels
On 06/08/2010

Third from the left in the back row is my uncle, Fred Holden. He was tug master at Newhaven Harbour skippering the tugs Foremost 22, Tidworth, and Meeching.

By Colin Holden
On 16/09/2016

A blast from the past indeed seeing this photo which showed three members of my family, my Dad Ted Naylor, Uncle Bill Naylor and John Novis, as an "Eastsider" remembered so many others in the photo, happy days. 

By Jean South
On 29/10/2016

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