Picture taken in 1926

By John Hills and Colin Holden

Another aerial shot of the Harbour which clearly shows the path of the old river with the mill at the far end.

The Watchhouse and its flag pole are in the lower lefthand side.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'AERIAL VIEW OF NEWHAVEN HARBOUR - OYSTER POND COTTAGES' page
Photo:Annie Jenner at Oyster Pond Cottages in about 1928,seen holding a large cabbage. The sign painted on the house says " OYSTERS fresh from the beds, Sundays excepted ".

Annie Jenner at Oyster Pond Cottages in about 1928,seen holding a large cabbage. The sign painted on the house says " OYSTERS fresh from the beds, Sundays excepted ".

This page was added by John Hills on 28/09/2009.
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Great old picture overlooking sleepers hole. Thanks for sharing that one with us.

By William Still
On 21/11/2007

Great to find this photo here. My Grandad was born and brought up in Oyster Pond Cottages by the railway line on the left of the photo. Researching the family tree we have found people that knew the Jenner family and have discovered loads. Any other memories gladly received.

By Penny
On 30/05/2008

Hi Penny. My mother-in-law was fostered by the Honeyballs who also lived at Oyster Pond Cottages; she lived there from 1914. Jean Frost was led to believe that her name was Honeyball, not finding out that her true name was Frost until 1928 when her birth certificate had to be shown to "matron" when applying for employment with Valentine Pen Company. Jean married Jim Strudwick from Clifton Road in 1938, after having her wedding invitation cards changed from Honeyball to Frost. To quote Jeans words "I was born a Frost so I will marry with the name Frost".  Jean was not to meet her true Frost family until shortly before she died in 2005, a wonderful reunion.
I have a photo of Mrs Jenner in the garden of Oyster Pond Cottages, I will try and find it.

By Colin Holden
On 27/10/2008

I am just working on our family history and my Mum lived at 2 Oyster Pond Cottages for 9 years up to 1938, when they moved to Crawley. Her Dad, William Hollamby, worked on the railway, and she believes the man who lived next door also worked on the railway, but didn't know the name. Does anybody have any photos of the cottages? Thanks

By Mike Fox
On 09/02/2009

Just a slight amendment to my above comment. My mother and her family (Hollamby) were it turns out, only there for 2 years or so, until 1938, then moved out. She has a photo of her and sisters outside the same cottage as Annie Jenner. She remembers having to take heavy accumulator batteries or similar along to a shop in Bridge Street.  Also she remembers a pub on/near the pier? She says the cottages were bombed in the war, and returning many years later all that was remaining were the roses from the garden!

By Mike Fox
On 12/02/2009

Hi Colin and Mike
How lovely to hear that other people have memories of the cottages. I went to visit where they used to be and all there is are brambles everywhere and I have to say a rather unpleasant smell! From what I've been told that was considered the rough end of town - charming. There was a pub over the bridge and a bit further towards where the large hotel used to be. A lot of the other side I've been looking into, the Goldsmiths, lived in that area as well so I had a lovely day looking up all the addresses to see how many were left. Railway Terrace and on the other side of the harbour Norman Road, Meeching Road and South Road all still there. I had a lovely day seeing all the houses and matching them to photo's I have.
Colin, your mother-in-law would have lived next to the Jenners. My grandad was born there in 1912 and Annie went on to have 2 sets of twins after him-sadly neither set survived which made Grandad the youngest of 9. One of his brothers, Barnabus, died at Oyster Pond in 1922. He was a sign writer on the boats and the story is that he used to lick the paintbrushes in order to get the lovely outlines to the letters. Unfortunately the paint was all lead and he died of the stomach problems this caused at 22. Very sad. Any other memories anyone has of either Jenners or Goldsmiths would be lovely to hear.

By Penny
On 14/02/2009

Thanks for the information Penny, could you or anybody else help us to locate where the cottage remains are. I would like to take my mum back there one more time (she is 80 now), but she isn't certain of the actual location now.

By Mike Fox
On 23/02/2009

Looking through a few pages that I perhaps haven't looked at before....

If the steamer at the left of the top photo is Worthing (and it certainly looks like it with the varnished bridge) then the 1926 date can't be correct, as Worthing arrived in 1928.

Dear Peter Bailey would have been able to ID all the ships in the photo. I can only spot Worthing and perhaps Paris at the right.

By Andy Gilbert
On 23/10/2017

On reflection I think this picture is later probably c 1933, does that make sense Andy ?

That's probably about right, John. Looking at the centre ship, I think that's the Rouen, which went from two funnels to just one around that time. Andy


By John Hills
On 23/10/2017

Hi Penny

I wondered if we can make contact. My grandad was Fred Jenner, making us 2nd cousins.  My Dad was Ron Jenner. From Neil the photo is my great grandmother Annie.

If Penny makes contact we will surely pass on your email Jacqui.

Just to remind you Penny's post was over 11 years ago!

John -- Editor

By Jacqui Jenner
On 01/03/2020

The wonderful photo of the harbour was taken after the Chailey Heritage Marine Hospital was enlarged in 1932. This photo was taken in 1933 and has the reference number EPW042950.

Thank you Charlie, as posted previously, one of the ships pictured did not arrive in Newhaven to 1928,  so we thought it was a later picture, further research shows it was actually taken in the August of 1933.

John -- Editor

By Charlie Grimble
On 26/08/2022


I've just seen the comment from Jacqui Jenner - I'd revisited this page after being left a book belonging to Barnabus Jenner after my aunt had passed away.  If anyone can get hold of Jacqui please let her know I would love to hear from her.

Many thanks


I have forwarded Jacqui Jenner's email address to you as she requested. 


Penny  The email you have registered with us @btinternet pings back can you please edit your details on the website and provide an active email address, thank you.

John-- Editor

By Penny
On 27/06/2023

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