By David Bain

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'MEECHING INFANTS SCHOOL GROUP' page

Private collection of David Bain

Meeching Infants School, around 1950.

Can you put some names to the faces? - Andy, Editor.

This page was added by Andy Gilbert on 28/05/2010.
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Here are some of the names that I remember. Back Row:-  Glen Bates, ?? , Jacqui Atkinson, ? Woolford, Keith Aldridge, ??, Margaret Tucknot, Pat Ingram, ??, Douglas ?, ? Baxter, Richard Pellet, Middle Row:-  Ron Stace, ??, ? Ray,  Marleen Clark, ??, Heather Woolven, Eileen Humphrey, Rita ?, ??, Keith Curl. Front Row:-  ? Renville, Micheal Whitaker, Arthur Tinnuche, Pat Fitzroy, Freddy Gillman, Maria Ware, John Everest, ??, Brenda Palfrey, Doreen Winder, Rosemary King.

By Pat Bain [Fitzroy]
On 30.05.2010

I think this is around the mid 50's as these children would probably have been born around 1948.

By Carol Walton
On 04.06.2010

Is the teacher standing with the class Miss Tedham? She used to live in the bungalow next to "Lightlands" in First Avenue.

By John Hills
On 06.06.2010

I was in this school year but not in this class, but remember most of them. I think 4th from the right in the back row is Christopher Chapman and between him and Richard Pellett are Douglas Hall and David Baxter. Middle Row - Josephine Ray. Front Row - 4th from right I think is Dianne Tucknott and on her right is Michael Noakes.

By Val Nunn (nee Evans)
On 11.06.2010

Yes Val I am sure you are right, middle row is Josephine Ray, front row is Dianne Tucknott. Well spotted that is me in the middle row, weren't we cute. I am sure that is Barry Woolford at the back, also Christopher Chapman, David Baxter, what a blast from the past.

By Marlene Amy (Clark)
On 30.08.2010

I remember that school. I was in Mrs Greenfield's class when i was 5. Has any one got any more photos? I lived in Newhaven till 2002, then I moved to live in Ireland. I talk to Marlene Clark.

By barbara raycraft.
On 30.08.2010

Although I started school at Railway Road Infants I went on to Meeching Junior School where so many of those in the photo were in the same class as me. I immediately recognised you, Marlene! I see Valerie also contributes. Whilst I can't add names to those still unidentified, I do have our class list from 1958 in the junior school and there was a Leslie Renville and Doris (not Dianne) Tucknott.

By Marie Anscomb (Relf)
On 11.02.2011

Happy memories. I am back row second from left. Miss Tedham's class was the top year and the photo is 1954/55. I seem to be the only one foolish enough not to be wearing anything warmer than a short-sleeve shirt! I am still in touch with Chris Chapman who is a lawyer. I am an actuary, and advised Robert Maxwell on his pension schemes before he decided to steal the money then throw himself off his boat when discovered. ALLEGEDLY.

By Brian Wilson
On 19.08.2013

Oh my goodness. I struggled to even recognise myself but did recognise  Heather Woollen and Jacqui Atkinson, as well as Brian Wilson. Must show my granddaughters. As Brian mentions we are still in touch. I have just retired as a judge.

By Chris Chapman
On 23.06.2014

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