Who are you and where are you?

By Richard Beckett

Photo:Part 3 Photo 1

Part 3 Photo 1

Frances Giles

Photo:Part 3 Photo 2

Part 3 Photo 2

Photo:Part 3 Photo 3

Part 3 Photo 3

Adele Shires

Photo:Part 3 Photo 4

Part 3 Photo 4

Photo:parg 3 Photo 5

parg 3 Photo 5

Photo:Part 3 Photo 6

Part 3 Photo 6

Photo:part 3 Photo 7

part 3 Photo 7

Photo:part 3 Photo 8 Newhaven County Secondary School, with Southdown County Primary School in the foreground

part 3 Photo 8 Newhaven County Secondary School, with Southdown County Primary School in the foreground

Photo:part 3 Photo 9 Under construction

part 3 Photo 9 Under construction

Photo:part 3 Photo 10 Going Up

part 3 Photo 10 Going Up

Photo:Part 3 Photo 11 And Up

Part 3 Photo 11 And Up

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Photo 8 is a great aerial view. I was a pupil at Southdown Primary School at the time. I learnt to swim in that little pool! I can remember the eastern-most block of the secondary school being built, passing the site every day on the footpath that led to the primary school, and watching it grow.

By Andy Gilbert
On 01/06/2010

Re:-  Part 3,  Photo 3.

This is Adele Shires.

Yes you are right I was in the same class with Adele. If I remember correctly she lived in Peacehaven !

John -- Editor

On 16/12/2011

You have a good memory John! I lived at the Gracie Fields Home in Peacehaven.

Never forget a pretty face Adele ! I am married to a Mary who travelled on the same bus as you to school.

 John -- Editor

On 16/12/2011

Anyone remember the name of the girl in photo 6? Photo 9 looks like Joe Funnel, Teacher.

By william Still
On 17/12/2011

Hi, I also have fond memories of the Gracie Fields Home at Peacehaven. Whilst still at school, mid to late 1950's,I worked for a local farmer and used to plough several small plots of ground around the "home" and before I left the area, would always plough their rather large garden for them. Always good for half a crown and a very large mug of cocoa. At that time, there was a couple of lads living in the home who went to school with me at Newhaven. One was a Duncan Mackenzie, who I think, may have had a circus background. Never knew what became of him after leaving school. Can not remember other names. Good old days!!!!.

By Colin Brandon.
On 17/12/2011

Hi, I remember Duncan well. When Matron (Elsie Cooper) left the Home she went back to Luton and Duncan went with her. Later he found employment and moved on. You may also remember Paul Rayland, Sarah Gibson, Delma Woods, Diane, Clive Kean and Patrick who went to school in Newhaven. The ‘Peacehaveners Reunited’ website has a section on Gracie Fields Home.

On 17/12/2011

Hi Adele, thank's for kick starting my memory. Yes, I can now remember most of the people you mentioned. It was the Matron, Elsie Cooper, that gave me the mugs of cocoa which were very welcome on the cold days. A kind lady.

By Colin Brandon
On 18/12/2011

I think the girl in picture 6 is Linda Blunden, and behind her on the left is Kathleen Ingram.

By Carol Walton
On 24/01/2012

I think the girl in photo 2 is Sandra (Lewis?). Obviously in Cookery class. We were also in Mrs. Scott's 1959 GCE Needlework class together.

By Brenda Hall
On 12/08/2012

Part 3 Photo 4 - Pat Rayner front left Part 3 Photo 5 - Dawn Penfold Part 3 Photo 6 - Joy Blunden

By Vivian Field - nee Lewis
On 13/08/2012

Is the girl in photo 2 Sandra Swasland, she used to live next door to us in Northdown Road. They later moved to Southdown Road to run the fish and chip shop I believe.

By Terry Howard
On 17/08/2012

I think the girl in Picture 6 is Joy Blunden (Linda's older sister)

By Ann
On 03/11/2017

Can anyone remind me of the school uniform colour at the secondary school? I  left in 1961.

By Terry Howard
On 09/09/2019

The school scarf was blue and white and I still have it!!

By Adele Summers (nee Shires)
On 04/10/2021

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