Meeching moored at the Marine Shops.

By Jim Still

Photo:Meeching at the Marine Shops

Meeching at the Marine Shops

Jim Still private collection

Going through a box of pics and found this one of Tug Meeching moored up at the marine workshops.   Looks like she is just finishing a refit or paint over. Nice background view also. Not sure of the date, but I think Andy will be able to date it for us.   Not sure who took the photo but I somehow have a copy of it.

She's on her 2nd radar set and her name is painted in white rather than buff. That makes it late 70's or early 80's. - Andy, Editor.

This page was added by Jim Still on 18/06/2010.
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At a quick glance (and if I hadn't read the text), it almost looks as though she has hit something and punched her bow in.

By Richard
On 18/06/2010

I think this may have been when she had a second bow fender added. The welding work for the new support brackets would have needed the 'scaffolding' for the men to work on.

By Andy Gilbert
On 19/06/2010

Just been talking to my brother on facebook who tells me he has seen Meeching in the Maidstone area on a Grand Designs programe.Can anyone confirm that?.

For the past few years, Meeching has been undergoing restoration at Oare Creek, near Faversham. More details on the Our Newhaven page with the tug's 'life history'. - Andy, Editor.

By Terry Howard
On 29/10/2011

Oare creek is next to Oare marshes one of the birdwatching sites we go to. I had no idea Meeching was there, we are due to go there in November with our local RSPB group so will check on it, thanks Andy.

By Terry Howard
On 31/10/2011

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