Ministry of Food at Seaford

By Brian Urry

My late Mother-in-Law worked here way back in the 50's. At the time she was living in the huts at No 3 Fairholme Road on Mount Pleasant and I still have rent books to prove it.

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This page was added by Brian Urry on 28/06/2012.
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I live in Fairholme Road and always thought No 3 was a wooden Bungalow. Perhaps the Nissen Huts were numbered differently.

Note the wet pavement, and the empty prams with no covers, I hope the inside of the prams were dry when the Mothers came out with their babies, Dried Milk and bottles of Orange Juice.

By Richard Beckett
On 22/10/2010

Lovely old prams, where is this building? Also would you be able to scan a page from the rent book to add to this page for others to see?

By Sylvia Woolford (editor)
On 22/10/2010

The address reads. Southern Railways Building, Dane Road, Seaford. I thought it was part of the Seaford Cinema building.

By Brian Urry
On 29/10/2010

Hi Richard, You didn't forget that other awful stuff from the food office, Cod liver oil, Yuk, but it was good for oiling the chain on my bike and the wheels on my barrow. Mother thought I was "taking it". I  also lived in Fairholme Road in the early 50,s at number 30. Can also remember Mrs Hanson and I think a daughter Carol, we were playmates. Note for Brian, you said that Mrs Hanson was your late mother in law, was it Carol, you married?. You have put some good material on this site, keep it coming.

By Colin Brandon
On 29/10/2010

Location is more likely to be on the old railway goods yard which became the bus station and is now Seaford Health Centre.

By Reg Dove
On 21/04/2012

I remember going to the Newhaven clinic for cod liver oil, which I loved, and orange juice. Nurse Jenkins and Nurse Luff always weighed my doll for me when my brother Ron (still living in Hillcrest Rd.) went to be weighed.

By Liz Packham
On 24/08/2012

I have finally located the picture - Brian is absolutely right. It is the last shop in the parade that used to run down the side of the Ritz Cinema in Dane Road. I have other pictures that confirm this. Kevin. Seaford Museum.

By Kevin Gordon
On 09/09/2013

This was Sylvia Chapmans Estate Agency Shop in Dane Road, Seaford where the Morrison's store is now which was once the Ritz picture house.

By Linda Singers
On 13/03/2014

Wonderful stuff.  I like looking at photos of old fashioned prams. Shame that they belong to a bygone age. As a matter of interest do you know what happened to the prams?

By Stuart Roberts
On 10/08/2014

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