The High Street newhaven

By Mel Allen

Postcard of The High Street Newhaven.

Can anyone put an approximate date to this? Andy-Editor.

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This would have been anytime around late 40’s early 50’s. I was born in 53. The shop selling bait was my Grandfathers shop, George Hall. I have early memories of the bait being sorted out the back and wrapped in newspaper, the front of the shop sold fishing gear and toys I seem to recall.

George also sold goldfish as a kid I remember buying one in his shop!

In the picture is a Zebra crossing as these were officially introduced in 1951 it dates the picture after 1951.

Since found out the picture is dated 1954.

John  -- Editor

By Martin Ashdown
On 14/11/2020

Goodness me we were probably still living in the flat with the bay windows to the right of Woolworths. The left hand bay was mine and my brothers bedroom and the right hand one the living room.

By Terry Howard
On 15/11/2020

I remember this shop very well and visited it often when I was a kid in the fifties. Mr. Hall sold a really interesting collection of items like sheath knives, foreign stamps, goldfish and even a plastic Elvis Presley guitar. I spent many hours in that shop. I think that I remember the fish being 'out the back' somewhere.

By Colin Norton
On 15/11/2020

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