This series of photos were taken in 1972 in Lower's yard (prior to North Way being built).

By Chris Young

Photo:Steam boat launch at Lower's Yard 1972

Steam boat launch at Lower's Yard 1972

Photo:Final preparations for steam boat launch

Final preparations for steam boat launch

Photo:Steam boat takes to the water

Steam boat takes to the water

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Fantastic pictures of a Newhaven sadly long gone. Lets hope the future brings as much colour and character.

By Steve Atkinson
On 15/12/2007

I wonder if this lovely boat still exists?

By Tim Barnett
On 26/01/2008

This vessel was the first of two clinker built craft built at this yard in the 1970's, the owner restored an original steam engine linked to a coal and timber fed boiler installation in the pictured vessel. He later had a second vessel built to transfer the same engine into a slightly smaller hull with a transom, the vessel shown was 28' long with a lute or counter stern .

By Chris Young
On 31/01/2008

The boat was built in 1972 named Salamander for the owner.  He then had a boat named Fiske built by Lowers and the boiler and engine were taken from Salamander and put into Fiske.

By Mike Early
On 07/03/2008

Yes, the steam boat Fiske does still exist. I tracked down the owner and saw the boat standing in a barn. The boat was built by my Grandfather and uncles. Unfortunately, it was not for sale.

By David Beale
On 04/04/2008

Sorry to divert away from the boat-building theme in these posts but the top picture brings back so many memories and an excellent view of the buildings beside the river through the front of the doors of 'Lowers'. My Uncle, Oscar Walser, had his plumbing business in one of those buildings along with Ben Turner (Walser & Turner). My Dad worked for them for many years and ended up building Oscar Walsers bungalow in Denton during the late 50's. I think Oscar may have taken over the original building that 'Lowers' occupied.
I also had an association with the next occupant who I think was Ray Bradfield who then had a car repair business there. I married one of his nieces.
I can't however remember the name of the road by the river which is annoying me because I walked it every day for an number of years !! I lived in Brighton Road and used to work at Fergusons on the Island so I walked down Harpers Road and crossed over to go down to Essex Place and then along this road. Someone will hopefully remind me soon.

By Paul Blackman
On 20/12/2008

I think you must be referring to what was called Riverside, which ran along the river bank at this time, past the Ben Turner, plumber workshop building which I remember popping into occasionally after doing the usual apprentice errand runs to the town etc.

By chris Young
On 21/12/2008

Thanks Chris. Of course, it couldn't be called anything when you think of it ! Amazing how easy it is to forget the 'simple things'.

By Paul Blackman
On 10/01/2009

I think Riverside was known locally as "River Wall".

By Ian Bishop
On 14/02/2009

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