By Jenny Woods

Photo:Cresta Marina and Harbour

Cresta Marina and Harbour

Jenny Woods Collection

Photo:Court Farm / Downland Park / Harbour

Court Farm / Downland Park / Harbour

Jenny Woods Collection

Photo:Aerial view of the Harbour

Aerial view of the Harbour

Jenny Woods Collection

Photo:Falaise departs for Dieppe

Falaise departs for Dieppe

Jenny Woods Collection

Photo:Fishing Boats / Air Sea Rescue Boats / Bonded Warehouse

Fishing Boats / Air Sea Rescue Boats / Bonded Warehouse

Jenny Woods Collection

This page was added by Laurie Stonehouse on 20/01/2011.
Comments about this page

Some nice old views, some from postcards I remember well. 1 and 4 and are pre-1968, as the ferry Falaise has no houseflag on the funnel. 2 and 3 show a French V-boat, bows into the car ferry ramp, so that's after their conversion in 1976 and 1977 respectively. 5 shows the tug Tidworth, after her initial conversion to diesel in 1961, but before her sale and departure from Newhaven in 1963.

By Andy Gilbert
On 21/01/2011

What great memories I have of Court Farm in the early fifties. I was waiting to join the Royal Navy and my pal Harry Ince and I were "helping out" Mr Bowles the farmer. We found an old Tandem bike belonging to one of the caravan owners and rode it home and back every day at about 40 mph. What with learning to drive a tractor and ride a horse (for free) it was a wonderful time.

By Brian Sloane
On 06/05/2011

It sounds as if you did have a great time..maybe when we think of the past, we bathe it in a golden glow of nostalgia, but I do think that the ''old days'' were more fun - they seemed more ''innocent'' somehow. As for riding a tandem at 40mph?! That is faster than the Tour de France riders. Dad was in the Navy for his National Service, and in later life he said they were the best days of his life..fresh air, cycling, horseriding, sounds wonderful - a perfect way to live!

By Cathy MacKenzie
On 30/07/2011

What a great shot of the Falaise leaving the harbour obviously taken from the cliffs adjacent to the fort. I have similar views of this but taken in the early 1970's (perhaps 1972 or 1973) with the Villandry and Valencay leaving the port. Although I have the old signals/lighthouse on slides, I cannot remember that circular area adjacent to it. What was this used for and did it have a military purpose? I am really enjoying this site and came across it by accident. I did not live in Newhaven personally but my grandparents lived in Denton from 1960 to 1986, so I was a frequent visitor to the harbour.

By Colin Hussey
On 03/11/2013

Hi Colin! Look under Browse This Site, under West Pier. As you will see, it was a band stand. Colin.

By Colin Holden
On 04/11/2013

A bandstand, I cannot remember that at all.  I remember the West Quay railway and the Terrier tanks that used it, but the bandstand No,  I have been down to Newhaven twice during the past week, and have sat down the front and it looks in a right sorry state these days with the concrete surfacing past its sell by date and slabs of concrete and bits of wood lying here there and everywhere. It is high time that the authorities spent some money and drastically improve this area, to make it more attractive to those visiting and residing there.

By Colin Hussey
On 30/01/2015

I agree with Colin, a bandstand! At least, that's what it was called.

Just revisiting my comment from 2011, I think I may have misidentified the tug in picture 5. It could well be the Sunnyside, sister to Tidworth and also converted by the local Metrec company. The year would still be correct, though.

By Andy Gilbert
On 01/02/2015

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