The Community Kitchen at the Hillcrest Centre

By Sylvia Woolford

The Hillcrest Café is a friendly place to meet with friends and have a coffee or enjoy a lovely freshly cooked meal. The café is voluntary run. They have recently published their own recipe book of favourite meals from the café. The book, available from the café is in full colour and costs £6.50.

Photo:From Left: Jeannette Hipperson, Marion Skilton, Joan Rhodes, Susie Rhodes, Alicia Harding, Phyllis Adams

From Left: Jeannette Hipperson, Marion Skilton, Joan Rhodes, Susie Rhodes, Alicia Harding, Phyllis Adams

Sylvia Woolford

This page was added by Sylvia Woolford on 18/12/2007.
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It is wonderful to see my old friend Jeannette Hipperson on this page! If anyone who reads this knows her, please tell her that her friend Linda from Omaha says "Remember the Brownies!"

By Linda Williams
On 12/06/2008

It is lovely to see the Hillcrest Centre doing so well now - well done to all of you. I started work there in 1992 when it was run by Lewes Tertiary College (now Sussex Downs College). The twins, Jill and Janet who had run it as the Newhaven Education Centre (night school!) retired and I took over as Senior Admin Assistant. Many happy years there until the college pulled out, real community spirit with Badminton with Connie Twells, Ballroom Dancing and the Tea Dance on a Thursday with George Tumber and of course good old Alf Langran and Vic with the Woodwork Club and Woodcarving Club, Ann Payne with Cake Decorating and many more. I always remember that I received the call that my first grandchild Rebecca had been born on a Thursday afternoon when the Tea Dance was on and I went in and told them all that I had just become a grandmother!! I remember May and Joyce who used to run the 'canteen' in the evenings and my trips to the Cash and Carry to stock it up. Also me doing lunches for the college courses when required in the cafe, as it is now, jacket potatoes, salad, homemade cakes etc. Long may it last, I enjoyed every minute of my time there!

By Marilyn Nolan
On 18/01/2009

Only just found this website - fantastic to look at pictures and read about Newhaven in times gone by! Is that Marilyn Nolan who used to live in Murray Avenue? I used to live at 4, New Road and then after I was married, at 52 Brighton Road.

By Susan Maxwell (nee Arnold)
On 28/07/2009

Hi Sue

My goodness, I have only just come back on to this site to see if anyone had updated. How are you? I still keep in touch with Jenny via a Christmas Card. Lovely to see that you still keep in touch with Newhaven. Hope you get to see this reply. Patrick and I are still fine, two children, four grandchildren. We are 66 and 63 now!!
Kind regards
Marilyn x

By Marilyn Nolan
On 29/12/2009

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