Memories of my Childhood Holidays at Newhaven

By Anne Wiltshire

I have fond memories of Newhaven (and Peacehaven and Saltdean). I used to spend every holiday there with my sister, staying at my nan's. I was always told that my dad's family, Surname Wiltshire, was one of the oldest in Newhaven.

I particularly remember our weekly trips to Newhaven Labour Club (this was in the 60's), full of smoke, men in their suits and women looking glamourous (well they looked it to me with their hair done and make up on). I felt really 'grown up' when at 5yrs of age I was allowed to have a glass of draught shandy, it tasted cold and sweet, heaven!

Also playing on the beach and watching porpoises and throwing a tantrum because I wanted one to keep and my dad told me I couldn't have one.

Sadly, my nan (Norah Goldup), my dad (Danny) and most of my other relatives of my parents generation are no longer with us. At least I have my memories of hot summers, cold shandy, smart looking men and glamourous women.   

This page was added by Anne Wiltshire on 08/03/2011.
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Anne My cousin's name is Roderick Wiltshire. His father Joseph Wiltshire emigrated to Oshawa, Ontario, Canada in I think the late 1920s. Joseph married Jessie Fenner, sister of my father Walter Fenner. Roderick would dearly like to know whether your dad was related to his side of the Wiltshire family. Rod had 4 children, and one of them, Beverley is very interested in family history. If you see this comment, Richard Beckett would give you my email address here in Canada. Lily blin (née Fenner)

By lily blin
On 29/09/2011

To Anne Wiltshire, If you wish to make contact with Lily, post a comment to this page addressed to me personally. Include your email address then as I am an editor for this site, use your email to put you in contact with Lily without actaully publishing your email address.

By Richard Beckett
On 15/04/2012

I have some very memorable pictures, I will sort them out for the site -how do I submit them please?

By Donna Weetch ne priest
On 03/09/2012

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