It's started.

By Andy Gilbert

Photo:The first of the smoke.

The first of the smoke.

Andy Gilbert

Here we go, smoke heading straight towards the town on a north-easterly. Denton's turn will come with a westerly.

This page was added by Andy Gilbert on 01/05/2011.
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Most tall slender chimneys have spirals on the outside, apparently to keep them stable in certain wind conditions. I note these have none. Is that a design slip up or have the designers found a new method?

By Michael Player
On 02/05/2011

You want to live in South Heighton, and have this thing as a view from your lounge window in the mornings, and the smell. I think the people of South Heighton should have some sort of compensation, as this has possibly devalued the price of houses.

By Don Waller
On 22/03/2012

MORE TO THE POINT, WHO!!!!!! is going to pay for the health treatment for all the people who are going to now suffer CHEST COMPLAINTS??? If you can smell it, you are breathing in the dust & other contents of the smoke!

By Richard Beckett
On 22/03/2012

My newly washed car looked like a victim of a volcanic eruption after a downpour when the wind was blowing in my direction and the revolting smoky smell, yuk! Although, I suspect, the impact on the local community won't be of great concern to Veolia. They are merrily raking in waste from 6 local authorities and laughing all the way to the bank! Meanwhile, their towering 65 metre, blot on the landscape, chimneys are menacingly converting a cocktail of toxic chemicals into airbourne particles threatening our environment, health and quality of life. The widespread opposition and protests from local people proved futile as they were ignored by a council (representing them?) who steamrollered on regardless. Newhaven has a population of 12,000 and there were 16,000 objections but it ruled the controversial incinerator should be built. Earlier this year the Health Protection Agency agreed to fund research into whether it could cause a rise in birth defects, still births and cancers. Erm.. isn't that a bit like locking the stable door after the horse has bolted? It didn't say anything about chest complaints though Richard? Odd that.

By Linda Johnson
On 02/09/2012

As usual Newhaven is seen as a dumping ground for poor planning decisions. I know, lets turn the town centre into a roundabout, damn somebody beat me to it! I truly feel sorry for all those affected by this monstrosity, where do the county council get these planning idiots? When I was young Newhaven had a heart, all you wanted you could get in town, from Parsons, the Co-op or call into Mrs Warnes corner shop next to the Bridge hotel - all gone, all gone. Newhaven has become a rather souless town centre and the poor planning continues - what next? I still miss my home. I may live not far from Byron Bay now but it's not home here in Australia and I dread what the idiots are going to do next to what is left my town.

By Dave Day
On 10/03/2014

Well said Dave. I agree with every word. Last time I went back, I caught the stench of burning rubbish from Tarring Neville onwards. The heart has been ripped out of Newhaven and its lungs are being poisoned now. Massive respect to all involved with the Our Newhaven project, who are showing such love and tenacity to preserve the time when Newhaven was a thriving port and had a thriving centre.

By William Stovell
On 13/03/2014

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