Visiting Coasters

By Derek Longly

Back in the 1950's when I was a teenager I had an old Kodak Brownie box camera and, although I lived in Seaford, used to regularly visit Newhaven as my Father was manager of the Co-op Department Store. It was always exciting for me to go down to the quayside to look at the many ships which called and I captured numerous photos.

The ones that called at the North Quay were particularly interesting and here are some that I managed to photograph.

Photo:Cardrona at North Quay

Cardrona at North Quay

Derek Longly

Photo:Channel Trader

Channel Trader

Derek Longly

Photo:Emerald at North Quay

Emerald at North Quay

Derek Longly

Photo:Keynes at North Quay

Keynes at North Quay

Derek Longly

This page was added by Derek Longly on 15/05/2011.
Comments about this page

Good to see some photos of these typical visitors from that era. And that's one of the nicest shots of our regular collier Keynes that I've seen in a long time.

By Andy Gilbert
On 16/05/2011

Thanks for your input Andy. These days I am an exile from my home town but have very fond memories both from my early visits and later when I lived there. I will be supplying further pictures and comments over time.

By Derek Longly
On 20/05/2011

Back in the mid 1950s, I was the Mate on the Cardrona's much older sister ship, the Eildon and on one of our trips to Newhaven we were warned by the Agent to keep an eye out for a tug that was carrying out blindfold trials of a beam approach system for entering the harbour. Sure enough, there it was, wheelhouse windows all covered up and steaming in and out of the piers. Does anyone know if the system was permanently installed?

I've not heard of this before. It certainly wasn't operating in the 1960s, so I guess it wasn't a success. I'll look at the Museum's records next time I'm down there and report back if there's any information. Andy-Editor

By Henry Edmunds
On 05/11/2016

My late Father Jock was Mate on the tugs and I recall him saying something about it. I seem to remember the man on the wheel had a headset and heard beeps if he was off course. probably a series of two bleeps for too far to starboard and one bleep for too far to port. It did not catch on!


By William Still
On 07/11/2016

The ship in the second photo looks a bit overloaded Andy. I would think it could be a bit dodgy in a gale once past the breakwater.

By Terry Howard
On 03/05/2019

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