Does anyone know date of which this photograph was taken in Denton and also does anyone recognize the people in the photo. I look forward to your comments.

Photo:Fancy Dress in Denton

Fancy Dress in Denton

Clive Wiltshire collection

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I have a similar photgraph. This was taken in Son Avis's field in Thomson Road in the early fifties. I can help with the two ladies in the back row wearing babies bonnets, the one on the left is my mother, Betty Jones, the lady to the right is Gwen Harrison and the tall Gentleman between them is Bob Saunders.

By Richard Jones.
On 26/06/2011

I remember some of the faces in this photo. Front row - boy in box I think is Sid Thorpe, third one along is Mick Thorpe. Next to him I think is Rosemary Newman, then John Avis. Behind John to right with the bonnet on is Barbara Avis, Gwen Harrison's niece I believe. Right out in front with the cap on is John Pollard, the girl behind John to the right with headscarf I think is Joan Avis, John's sister. In front of her in with the baker's tray is me. The man with the cap to the right is Jack Pollard, John Pollard's dad. The house behind was where we lived next to the shop. The house at the top would be Kings Avenue.

By joe thorpe
On 25/02/2012

Next to my sister is me, behind John Pollard, we were dressed as oranges and lemons why I don't know, we have a few more of these sports day photos, as they were called, my dad is the one in the fez. What a happy time that was.  6/3/2012

By Jennifer Turrell / Avis
On 07/03/2012

May I amend the last comment, I am behind John Avis not John Pollard and obviously oranges and lemons is from the song/rhyme. thanks

By Jennifer Turrell
On 09/03/2012

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