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Sussex Express Article - April 2011

By Carol Walton

This month’s photograph shows Sussex Lodge which used to stand near the top of the High Street.  The house was at one time a doctor’s residence, a school, and is also believed to have been used as a temporary hospital in WW1.   Does anybody have any more information on this lovely old house?  Who lived there, why and when was it pulled down?

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Sussex Lodge in 1911 was lived in by William Betenson Betenson a surgeon and his daughter Mildred, plus housekeeper visitor and 2 servants. William Betenson Betenson was in 1901 living with his wife and children and servants in Kentish Town, they had arrived in Newhaven by 1906, however as his wife Mildred Septima Betenson death is registered here. Betenson Mildred Septima of Sussex Lodge Newhaven Sussex, wife of William Betensen Betenson, died on 28th September 1906. Administration of her will in London on November 5th read to the said William Betensen Betenson Surgeon effects value £634 19s. William Betenson Betenson also died here in 1924. William Betenson Betenson of Sussex Lodge, Newhaven Sussex died 8th March 1924. Probate London 21st May to Woodley Daniel Betenson Surgeon and Charles Henry Pollard Betenson solicitor effects £9479 4s 4d Their daughter Mildred (who was at Sussex Lodge in 1911) died unmarried in 1959 in Wales. At the beginning of the 1930's Sussex Lodge was lived in by the 2 Miss Cooks (spinster sisters) They owned a number of properties in the town including the cinema where my great grandfather was chief commissionaire, he also tended the garden of Sussex Lodge for them. I would like to know a bit more about the 2 Miss Cooks but have come to a dead end. The house shows on my map of Newhaven in 1937.

By Toni Holman
On 21/10/2011

In the Sussex Express today (21 October 2011) by Peter Bailey there is a bit about Sussex Lodge and its occupants in 1871. This was Albert School, a grammar school for boys, day and boarding. In this year William Castle Leaver was proprietor and headmaster. There were 3 teaching staff, 1 governess, 25 pupils and 7 domestics. By 1881 the school was at 34 Meeching Road and down to 8 pupils, 2 teachers & 2 domestics. By this time Dr Thomas Cann had taken over; the doctor I knew was Dr Nash. A builder and cinema owner have also lived there. Sussex Lodge sadly was demolished in 1961.

I have checked this against the census and confirm the 1881 & 1871 details for William Castle Leaver.  In 1861 William Castle Leaver is in Newhaven at School House, Could this be Sussex Lodge or was this a different property? William Castle Leaver appears in the 1882 Kellys Directory for Newhaven with his address just given as Grammar School. Thomas Cann, practicing surgeon, is listed as being at Dacre Villa in the 1891 census. I believe this was the old name for Saxonholme which was also demolished recently.

By Toni Holman
On 22/10/2011

The Phonebook shows A T Nash M.D. at Sussex Lodge from 1924 right through until 1934. Was it 1934 that the 2 Miss Cooks moved there ?

By Toni Holman
On 22/10/2011

From the British Medical Journal 23rd April 1904 ROYAL NAVAL VOLUNTEER RESERVE. WILLIAM B. BETENSON is appointed Surgeon to the Newhaven Company of the London Division, April 13th.

From the London Gazette
Admiralty, llth March, 1920.
His Majesty the KING has been graciously pleased to confer on Surgeon Lieut.-Commander William B. Betenson the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Officers Decoration

The Times, Tuesday, Mar 11, 1924
DEATHS BETENSON. On the 8th March, at Sussex Lodge, Newhaven, WILLIAM BETENSON BETENSON,  Surgeon (Surgeon Captain R.N.V.R., H.M.S. Bacchante, 1914-16). Funeral service at Christ Church, Newhaven, 11.30 a.m. Interment Norwood Cemetery 3 p.m. to-morrow (Wed-
nesday). No flowers.

By Richard Beckett
On 22/10/2011

Gladys Cooke one of the sisters who occupied "Sussex Lodge" married Paul J Ost in 1958 in Cuckfield, where they had purchased a bungalow. Paul Ost formally lived in the large house called "Lorraine" in Fort Road.  

They later moved to the Isle of Wight where Paul sadly died in 1964 aged 47. 

By John Hills
On 28/06/2021

Gladys Cooke didn't have a sister; she lived in Sussex Lodge with her mother. Her late father was Charles Cooke, builder; among his works had been Meeching Road Post Office, Dacre Road Police Station, and the recently demolished Fort Road Council Chamber.  At the time when he opened the Cinema de Luxe, he bought-up the Kinema in Meeching Road and shut it down; it later became the Fire Station.

When Gladys married Paul Ost, they first lived in Hassocks but missed being near the sea, so then moved to Bognor.  He had previously owned an engineering business in Newhaven with his brother but it is unclear what he did subsequently; I would have thought he was a lot older than 47 when he died.  After his death, Gladys sold-up and, for the next 30 or so years, never had a home of her own.

Editors note:- Paul Ost practised a form of alternative healing/medicine in his later years.

My parents were among those who attended Paul & Gladys wedding, pictures of which are in my mothers collection.

John -- Editor 

By Bruce Macphee
On 06/07/2021

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