Views around the harbour

By Derek Longly

Starting with a second hand Kodak Brownie and moving on to other less basic cameras I captured pictures around the harbour whenever I had the chance to visit Newhaven from my teens through to my 20's.  These visits became infrequent after I started working overseas but remain as memories of a happy era before many of the changes occurred that were to later blight the town.

I hope the photos will bring back memories of that era for many others.

Photo:Foremost Prince & Lisieux in 1950's

Foremost Prince & Lisieux in 1950's

Derek Longly

Photo:'Artistic' view looking upriver

'Artistic' view looking upriver

Derek Longly

Photo:One of the 40's twins

One of the 40's twins

Derek Longly

Photo:Busy Ferry Terminal

Busy Ferry Terminal

Derek Longly

Photo:The Harbour Watchhouse

The Harbour Watchhouse

Derek Longly

Photo:My first photo of the Worthing

My first photo of the Worthing

Derek Longly

Photo:Early view of the Worthing during maintenance work

Early view of the Worthing during maintenance work

Derek Longly

Photo:Brighton sailing in the 1950's

Brighton sailing in the 1950's

Derek Longly

Photo:Arromanches alongside in 1960's

Arromanches alongside in 1960's

Derek Longly

Photo:Harbour view with Brighton & cargo ship 1964

Harbour view with Brighton & cargo ship 1964

Derek Longly

Photo:North Quay with elderley coaster and fleet of swans from 1960's

North Quay with elderley coaster and fleet of swans from 1960's

Derek Longly

Photo:West Quay in mid 60's with wonderful selection of now vintage cars in view

West Quay in mid 60's with wonderful selection of now vintage cars in view

Derek Longly

This page was added by Derek Longly on 17/06/2011.
Comments about this page

Great photos, brings back many memories. Late 50s early 60s I spent a lot of time as an early teen hanging around the harbour. We emigrated to Aus in 1965, now in Sydney.

By Michael Player
On 18/06/2011

The "40's twin" in the b/w photo is Arromanches. How to tell the two apart? Arromanches has her port and starboard navigation lights at the front of the superstructure, whereas Londres has them on the bridge wings. So it's Londres with Brighton in the 'Busy Ferry Terminal' photo. Arromanches looks fresh from refit in the colour photo, and I much preferred it when they had the white line between the black hull and red boot topping like this. The 'Dieppe Screw' in the colour photo with Brighton is Brest, identifiable by the slight rake in the bottom line of the funnel's black top. Rennes and Nantes black tops were parallel with the top of the funnel. Andy (AKA resident 'anorak!) :)

By Andy Gilbert
On 19/06/2011

Great shot of the parked cars. The red and white one is a Nash Metropolitan. When I moved to Hastings in 1971 I worked with a German carpenter who had one of these cars, unfortunately he had labrador puppy as well, that he had to leave in the car while we were working, one day he returned to the car for lunch to find that the dog had  eaten the gear knob and the steering wheel, causing much amusement.

Michael you should speak to my brother Pete, he lives in Vaucluse Sydney.

By Terry Howard
On 23/06/2011

My mum and dad used to take us on holidays to Newhaven every year until we migrated to Australia in 1966. My fondest memories of the place were buying fish and chips at a fish shop near the sandy beach and staying in the caravan park on the hill. As a child at that time we were allowed to wander around on our own and I spent many hours flying a box kite, playing in the low tide rock pools, exploring the breakwater and throwing pebbles into the sea on the pebble beach. Thankyou for the photos and reminding me of fun times.

By Ruth
On 12/04/2013

The memory these photos bring back for me, especially in No.10, I can see Mount Pleasant behind the 'Brighton' and I can make out the house my parents and brothers were living in at that time.

By Brenda Hall
On 19/04/2013

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